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  • Visions of the Night

    Visions of the Night
    Kelly Bulkeley

    Drawing upon philosophy, anthropology, sociology, neurology, literature, and film criticism, the book offers a better understanding of the mysterious complexity and startling creative powers of human dreaming experience.

  • The Handbook of Art Therapy

    The Handbook of Art Therapy
    Caroline Case, Tessa Dalley

    The Handbook of Art Therapy has become the standard introductory text into the theory and practice of art therapy in a variety of settings.

  • The Gift

    The Gift
    Hilda Doolittle

    In this hitherto unpublished memoir, the poet who signed herself H. D. recreates the world of her childhood in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and in a country house outside Philadelphia


    Gini Graham Scott

    The powerful techniques described in this book are designed to help you tap into and direct the creative force we all have within us, enabling you to more easily achieve your business and personal goals and gain tremendous rewards and …

  • Imagine

    Marianne Williamson

    More than thirty distinguished contributors share their thoughts, beliefs, and concrete suggestions on how to create a brighter, more enriching America in the twenty-first century, covering such topics as health, the environment, education, …

  • Phenomenology of Creativity

    Phenomenology of Creativity
    Samad Seyidov

    The book presents a contrasting study of the views of ancient Indian, Chinese, Greek, Middle Eastern, and Russian philosophers on creativity.

  • Drawing Life

    Drawing Life
    Thomas J. Cottle

    The stories recounted in Drawing Life illuminate not only our past, but also our perceptions of the present and our imaginings of the future. In this way, they become anthologies of our life experiences.

  • Whymap tutta la vita in un diagramma

    Whymap: tutta la vita in un diagramma
    Luciano Rizzo

    Libro di filosofia esistenziale, manuale pratico di Problem Solving o saggio di Neuroscienze e Matematica dei Giochi?

  • The Keys to Stem and Beyond

    The Keys to Stem and Beyond
    Carlos E. Perez

    Thus, easing the understanding and mastering of STEM concepts. Author Carlos E. Perez considers "The Keys to STEM and Beyond" to be a creative masterpiece in engineering pedagogy because it compiles years of research.

  • Clayworks in Art Therapy

    Clayworks in Art Therapy
    David Henley

    This book explores the history, theory and techniques of claywork in eliciting therapeutic outcomes.

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