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  • The Science of False Memory

    The Science of False Memory
    C. J. Brainerd, V. F. Reyna

    Brainerd and Reyna introduce the volume by considering the progenitors to the modern science of false memory, and noting the remarkable degree to which core themes of contemporary research were anticipated by historical figure such as Binet …

  • Applied Cyberpsychology

    Applied Cyberpsychology
    A. Attrill, C. Fullwood

    This book brings together overviews from a number of leading authorities in the field, to suggest how academic theory and research can be applied to a variety of online behaviours.

  • Cognitive Development in Digital Contexts

    Cognitive Development in Digital Contexts
    Fran C. Blumberg, Patricia J. Brooks

    Highlighting how screen media impact cognitive development, the book addresses a topic often neglected amid societal concerns about pathological media use and vulnerability to media effects, such as aggression, cyber-bullying and Internet …

  • Causal Learning

    Causal Learning

    Up-to-date review of the literature Discusses recent controversies Presents major advances in understanding causal learning Synthesizes contrasting approaches Includes important empirical contributions Written by leading researchers in the …

  • Understanding Adaptability

    Understanding Adaptability
    C. Shawn Burke, Linda G. Pierce, Eduardo Salas

    Thus, this volume takes a multi-disciplinary approach to increasing our understanding of adaptability within complex environments by integrating cutting-edge work done by experts in the field and compiling it in one volume.

  • Human Motor Behavior

    Human Motor Behavior
    J.A. Scott Kelso

    First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • American Shaman

    American Shaman
    Jeffrey A. Kottler, Jon Carlson, Jon Carlson, Psyd, Edd, Abpp, Bradford Keeney

    Written for therapists, scholars, clergy, students, and those with an interest in non-traditional healing practices, this book tells the story of Bradford Keeney, the first non-African to be inducted as a shaman in the Kung Bushman and Zulu …

  • Clayworks in Art Therapy

    Clayworks in Art Therapy
    David Henley

    This book explores the history, theory and techniques of claywork in eliciting therapeutic outcomes.

  • Sensation and Judgment

    Sensation and Judgment
    John C. Baird

    Sensory factors play a minor role in cognitive approaches. This work admits the validity of both forms of theory by arguing that the same empirical phenomena should be conceptualized in two alternative, apparently contradictory, ways.

  • Animal Cognition and Behavior

    Animal Cognition and Behavior
    R.L. Mellgren

    Also achieved in this work is a good balance between empirical results and theory.

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