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  • Planning Proposing and Presenting Science Effectively

    Planning, Proposing and Presenting Science Effectively
    Jack P. Hailman, Karen B. Strier

    A concise guide to planning, writing and presenting behavioral ecology research for all student levels.

  • Humane Interfaces

    Humane Interfaces
    J.P. Marsh, B. Gorayska, J.L. Mey

    When setting up the agenda for the Second International CT Conference in Aizu, Japan, in August of 1997, they were aware that a number of new approaches had seen the light, but that the need to integrate them within a human framework had …

  • Learning and Memory

    Learning and Memory
    Isidore Gormezano, Edward A. Wasserman

    This volume presents the views and findings of behaviorally and biologically oriented investigators invited to participate in The University of Iowa's biennial learning and memory symposium.

  • Maladapting Minds

    Maladapting Minds
    Pieter R. Adriaens, Andreas De Block

    This text explores the relationship between evolutionary theory and philosophy of psychiatry.

  • A History of Psycholinguistics

    A History of Psycholinguistics
    Willem Levelt

    This is the first book to comprehensively treat this "pre-Chomskyan" history.

  • Working Memory Capacity

    Working Memory Capacity
    Nelson Cowan

    This groundbreaking book explains the evidence supporting Cowan's theoretical proposal about working memory capacity, and compares it to competing perspectives.

  • Imagery and Verbal Processes

    Imagery and Verbal Processes
    A. Paivio

    First published in 1978. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Behavior Science

    Behavior Science
    H. W. Reese, L. J. Parrott

    First published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Experiments in Personality Volume 2 Psychology Revivals

    Experiments in Personality: Volume 2 (Psychology Revivals)
    H.J. Eysenck

    Originally published in 1960, the two volumes of Experiments in Personality report a number of experiments in psychogenetics, psychopharmacology, psychodiagnostics, psychometrics and psychodynamics, all of which formed part of the programme …

  • Casting Nets and Testing Specimens

    Casting Nets and Testing Specimens
    Philip Julian Runkel

    This is a professional book about the methods that are used to reach conclusions about the nature and behavior of humans.

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