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  • IQ and Human Intelligence

    IQ and Human Intelligence
    Nicholas Mackintosh

    IQ and Human Intelligence provides an authoritative overview of the main issues surrounding this fascinating area.

  • Stevens Handbook of Experimental Psychology Methodology in Experimental Psychology

    Stevens’ Handbook of Experimental Psychology, Methodology in Experimental Psychology
    John Wixted

    Now available in paperback. This revised and updated edition of the definitive resource for experimental psychology offers comprehensive coverage of the latest findings in the field, as well as the explosion of research in neuroscience.

  • Mouse Behavioral Testing

    Mouse Behavioral Testing
    Douglas Wahlsten

    The book discusses the practical matters that need to be considered carefully when working with any species of animal, such as how many animals need to be tested.

  • Estad√ stica aplicada en Psicolog√ a y Ciencias de la salud

    Estadística aplicada en Psicología y Ciencias de la salud
    Fabiola González Betanzos, María del Consuelo Escoto Ponce de León, Joanna Koral Chávez López

    Estadística aplicada en Psicología y Ciencias de la salud es una obra que guía a los usuarios que se internan por primera vez en el uso de la estadística.

  • The Psychology of Fatigue

    The Psychology of Fatigue
    Robert Hockey

    The first systematic treatment of fatigue for sixty years, putting forward a new theory of its origins and functions.

  • Optogenetics

    Krishnarao Appasani

    This book provides applications for the revolutionary technique of optogenetics, which combines genetic and optical methods to observe the function of neurons.

  • Object Perception

    Object Perception
    Bryan E. Shepp, Soledad Ballesteros

    This collection of research on object perception focuses on holistic and featural properties of objects, the mechanisms that produce such properties, how people choose one type of property over another, and how such choices are improved …

  • Disorders of Brain and Mind Volume 2

    Disorders of Brain and Mind:, Volume 2
    Maria A. Ron, Trevor W. Robbins

    This authoritative new book details the most recent advances in clinical neuroscience, from neurogenetics to the study of consciousness.

  • The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception

    The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception
    James J. Gibson

    This book, first published in 1979, is about how we see: the environment around us (its surfaces, their layout, and their colors and textures); where we are in the environment; whether or not we are moving and, if we are, where we are going …

  • Advances in the Study of Behavior Volume 43

    Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 43
    H. Jane Brockmann, Charles T. Snowdon, Timothy J. Roper, Marc Naguib

    That number is still expanding. This volume makes another important "contribution to the development of the field" by presenting theoretical ideas and research to those studying animal behavior and to their colleagues in neighboring fields.

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