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  • Maps to Ecstasy

    Maps to Ecstasy
    Gabrielle Roth

    In this revised edition of Maps to Ecstasy, Gabrielle Roth expands on the themes that have guided her — ways of transforming daily life into sacred art.

  • The Social Neuroscience of Intergroup Relations

    The Social Neuroscience of Intergroup Relations
    Sylvia Terbeck

    The book is also based on the author’s team research. The book describes experimental studies which have suggested that fear of the out-group might play a role in prejudice.

  • Eye Guidance in Reading and Scene Perception

    Eye Guidance in Reading and Scene Perception
    G. Underwood

    Many of the contributors to this volume were present at the meeting, but the arguments were not resolved in Chamonix either. Other leaders in the field were invited to contribute to the discussion, and this volume is the product.

  • Fundamentos de psicolog a jur dica e investigaci n criminal

    Fundamentos de psicología jurídica e investigación criminal
    Anastasio Ovejero Bernal

    Aunque de alguna manera siempre hubo interés por relacionar los procesos psicosociales y los jurídicos, y a pesar de que existen importantes antecedentes, incluso en España (Mira i López, 1932, quien publicó el primer manual de …

  • Ecological Psychology in Context

    Ecological Psychology in Context
    Harry Heft

    In this book Harry Heft examines the historical and theoretical foundations of James J. Gibson's ecological psychology in 20th century thought, and in turn, integrates ecological psychology and analyses of sociocultural processes.

  • Response Times

    Response Times
    R. Duncan Luce

    This authoritative volume provides a well balanced and comprehensive treatment of the mathematical theory of human response time and the role it plays in our understanding of the mind's organization.

  • Cognizione ed empatia nell autismo Dalla teoria della mente a quella dell empatia sistematizzazione

    Cognizione ed empatia nell’autismo. Dalla teoria della mente a quella dell’empatia sistematizzazione
    Simon Baron-Cohen

  • Behavior Change Research and Theory

    Behavior Change Research and Theory
    Linda Little, Elizabeth Sillence, Adam Joinson

    From a psychological and human-computer interaction perspective, the book puts a strong emphasis on the psychological foundations of behavior change, and explores the relationship between technology and behavior change.

  • Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences

    Chaos Theory in Psychology and the Life Sciences
    Robin Robertson, Allan Combs

    This book represents the best of the first three years of the Society for Chaos Theory in Psychology conferences.

  • Signal Detection

    Signal Detection
    Michael L. Commons, John A. Nevin, Michael C. Davison, Michael Davidson

    Above all, the book is broadly integrative in its approach to diverse problems. This volume is based on the 10th annual Harvard Symposium for the Quantitative Analysis of Behavior.

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