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  • Psychology s Ghosts

    Psychology’s Ghosts
    Jerome Kagan

    This book is the product of years of thought and a profound concern for the state of contemporary psychology. Jerome Kagan, a theorist and leading researcher, examines popular practices and assumptions held by many psychologists.

  • The Life Space of the Urban Child

    The Life Space of the Urban Child
    Gunter Mey, Hartmut Gunther

    The heart of this book is the translation of The Life Space of the Urban Child, written in 1935 by Martha and Hans Heinrich Muchow. Life Space provides a fresh look at children as actors and how they absorb their city environments.

  • Sigmund Freud s the Interpretation of Dreams

    Sigmund Freud’s the Interpretation of Dreams
    Laura Marcus

    This book, more than any other in Freud’s massive oeuvre, has shaped a vast amount of work in linguistics and semiotics, literary studies, film theory, psychology, philosophical hermeneutics and the history of ideas.

  • Carl Rogers CÃ mo alcanzar la plenitud

    Carl Rogers. Cómo alcanzar la plenitud
    Sánchez Bodas, Andrés

    Carl Rogers es el primer psicólogo y counselor creador de una manera de comprender lo humano que trascendió la ayuda interpersonal.

  • Metaphors in the History of Psychology

    Metaphors in the History of Psychology
    David E. Leary

    Through the identification of these metaphors, the contributors to this volume have provided a remarkably useful guide to the history, current orientations, and future prospects of modern psychology.

  • Putting Psychology in Its Place

    Putting Psychology in Its Place
    Graham Richards

    This second edition of Putting Psychology in its Place builds on the first to introduce the history of psychology and place the discipline within an historical context.

  • Studies in Psychoanalysis

    Studies in Psychoanalysis
    Charles Baudouin

    But the author’s main object is a practical one. ‘The method to which experience has led me, and whose results are here recorded,’ writes Baudouin in the first chapter, ‘is founded upon unceasing collaboration between autosuggestion …

  • The Martin Buber Carl Rogers Dialogue

    The Martin Buber – Carl Rogers Dialogue
    Martin Buber, Carl Ransom Rogers, Rob Anderson, Kenneth N. Cissna

    A corrected and extensively annotated version of the sole meeting between two of the most important figures in twentieth-century intellectual life.

  • Shrinking History

    Shrinking History
    David E. Stannard

    Attacks the theory and fundamental concepts of psychohistory, the formation of psychoanalytic hypotheses about history, challenging the validity of the evidence and logic used to support its claims

  • A History of Psychology

    A History of Psychology
    William Douglas Woody, Wayne Viney

    This book also aims to engage and inspire students to recognize the power of history in their own lives and studies, to connect history to the present and the future, and to think critically and historically.

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