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  • High Risk Sexual Behavior

    High-Risk Sexual Behavior
    Evvie Becker, Elizabeth Rankin, Annette U. Rickel

    High-Risk Sexual Behavior outlines specific interventions that address the needs of particularly vulnerable populations: women, ethnic minorities and the gay community.

  • Psicologia delle condotte sessuali su internet

    Psicologia delle condotte sessuali su internet
    Angelo Manzoni

  • Sexual Pathways

    Sexual Pathways
    Mark J. K. Williams

    To promote a better understanding of bisexual orientation, the author presents interviews with 30 men and women.

  • Sex Robots

    Sex Robots
    Jason Lee

    This book reveals that the way we perceive sex robots is how we perceive ourselves, overcoming the false human/non-human binary.

  • Transmen and FTMs

    Transmen and FTMs
    Jason Cromwell

    In clarifying how transmen and FTMs define and validate their lives, as opposed to how society attempts to pigeonhole and belittle them, Cromwell shows how female-to-male transpeople have been made virtually invisible by male-dominated …

  • Celibacy and Soul

    Celibacy and Soul
    Susan J. Pollard

    Celibacy and Soul is also useful for those in the helping professions, as the work of a therapist asks a celibate kind of loving that can be catalyst for change in both clients and practitioners.

  • Partorire con il corpo e con la mente

    Partorire con il corpo e con la mente
    Francesca Rigotti

    Francesca Rigotti insegna Concetti e metafore della politica presso la Facoltà di Scienze della comunicazione dell’Università della Svizzera italiana di Lugano. Collabora all’«Unità» e al «Sole 24 ore».

  • Asexualities

    Karli June Cerankowski, Megan Milks

    Together, these essays challenge the ways in which we imagine gender and sexuality in relation to desire and sexual practice. Asexualities provides a critical reevaluation of even the most radical queer theorizations of sexuality.

  • Marital Rape

    Marital Rape
    Kersti Yllö, M. Gabriela Torres

    This text brings together an international group of scholars from the fields of anthropology, sociology, criminology, law, public health, and human rights; their work points to the importance of understanding the lived experience of sexual …

  • Fantasia of the Unconscious

    Fantasia of the Unconscious
    David Herbert Lawrence

    ÊPublished: 1922 "I am not a proper archaeologist nor an anthropologist nor an ethnologist.

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