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  • Advanced Hypnotherapy

    Advanced Hypnotherapy
    John G. Watkins, Arreed Barabasz

    This book focuses on tested hypnoanalytic techniques, with step-by-step procedures for integrating hypnosis into psychoanalytic processes.

  • Hypnotherapy

    LaBay, Mary Lee

    Recognizing the need for a comprehensive text, certified instructor Mary Lee LaBay has written Hypnotherapy: A Client-Centered Approach. This book contains valuable insights and instructions for both the beginner and the veteran therapist.

  • Trancework

    Michael D. Yapko

    This edition accommodates new studies and topics, and contains five new chapters on positive psychology, the management of pain, pediatric and adolescent hypnosis, behavioral medicine, and hypnosis across modalities.

  • Wonder Shows

    Wonder Shows
    Fred Nadis

    The book provides an innovative synthesis of the history of performance with a wider study of culture, science, and religion from the antebellum period to the present.

  • Human Potential

    Human Potential
    David Vernon

    This book examines a range of techniques that are intended to help improve some aspect of performance, and examines how well they are able to achieve this.

  • Comunicazione ipnotica 2 0

    Comunicazione ipnotica 2.0
    Marco Antuzi

    Marco Antuzi come sempre mira alla pratica e in questa nuova opera non fa certo differenza e ti insegna come cambiare il modo di vedere il mondo con l’uso della parola.

  • The Hypnosis Guide

    The Hypnosis Guide
    Gustave Sorensen

    Consider this as a cram course in modern hypnosis as seen from the point of view of the beginner and from one who has been there and knows where and how to reach that new Plato.

  • The Truth About Hypnosis

    The Truth About Hypnosis
    William Hewitt

    In this book you will find the answers to many questions, including: ·Who is more likely to be a good candidate for hypnosis, weak-minded people or strong-willed ones? ·Can a hypnotist make you do things against your will? ·Is it …

  • Inside and Outside

    Inside and Outside
    Pietro Sangiorgio

    Studioso e appassionato di Scienza della Comunicazione, in questa’opera Pietro ha integrato alla Comunicazione Emotiva nozioni di PNL e Ipnosi Conversazionale.

  • Self Hypnosis for a Better Life

    Self Hypnosis for a Better Life
    William W. Hewitt

    Offers twenty-three scripts that the reader can recite into a tape recorder to develop their own hypnotherapy techniques for reducing stress, quitting smoking, and controlling fear

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