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  •   nendo

    넨도nendo의 문제해결연구소
    사토 오오키

    “아! 바로 여기가 문제였어!” 롯데, 루이 비통, 스타벅스, 렉서스, 코카콜라, 디즈니, 에스테… 세계적인 명문 브랜드의 고민을 해결하는 디자인 오피스 넨도의 끝없는 아이디어 …

  • 감응력
    페니 피어스

    지성의 시대를 넘어 영성의 시대로! 정보의 시대를 넘어 직관의 시대로! 지금 우리에게 필요한 것은 한두 가지 팁이 아니라 인식의 패러다임을 전환시켜줄 영혼의 실용서이다! …

  • Open to Desire

    Open to Desire
    Mark Epstein

    Proposing that spiritual attainment does not have to be detached from intimacy or eroticism, Open to Desire begins with an exploration of the state of dissatisfaction that causes us to cling to irrational habits.

  • The Day the Earth Caved In

    The Day the Earth Caved In
    Joan Quigley

    This is an extraordinary book.” — Sean Wilentz, author of The Rise of American Democracy “Quigley’s tale is a real-life epic of brutally indifferent government, greedy corporations and the unlikely heroes who fight for their basic …

  • Correggimi se sbaglio

    Correggimi se sbaglio
    Giorgio Nardone

    Giorgio Nardone ci inizia all'arte della comunicazione mettendo a disposizione in questo libro un'esperienza ventennale di lavoro come psicoterapeuta e psicologo: nella sua cassetta degli attrezzi il dialogo e la cura attraverso la parola …

  • Entendiendo a la Pareja Marcos Teoricos Para El Trabajo Terapeutico

    Entendiendo a la Pareja: Marcos Teoricos Para El Trabajo Terapeutico
    Luz De Lourdes Eguiluz

    Among the topics explored in this book are the patriarchal and matriarchal histories of couples in Mexican society, spirituality in the development of the marital relationship, lust and love in a narcissistic postmodernity, overcoming the …

  • Love Lessons from Bad Breakups

    Love Lessons from Bad Breakups
    Sherry Amatenstein

    In this unique and illuminating he said/she said guide to avoiding love-gone-wrong, 21 real-life couples spill it to widely-read advice columnist Sherry Amatenstein.

  • Breaking Money Silence How to Shatter Money Taboos Talk More Openly About Finances and Live a Richer Life

    Breaking Money Silence: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly About Finances, and Live a Richer Life
    Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

    Anyone concerned about finances—and that's just about everyone—will welcome this step-by-step guide to opening up about a difficult subject.

  • Fort Rules

    Fort Rules
    Richard A. Hollen

    Fort Rules is a succinct, powerful and warm interpretation of the clarity of vision set down by Richard's children and their friends. This is not just another cute, childish business fable.

  • Treating Attachment Abuse

    Treating Attachment Abuse
    Steven Stosny, PhD

    This volume will be of interest to psychotherapists, group therapists, social workers, and counselors working with abusive clients and their victims.

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