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  • Crazy Enough

    Crazy Enough
    Storm Large

    But her strength, charisma, and raw musical talent gave her the will to overcome it all. Crazy Enough is a love song to the twisted, flawed parts in all of us.

  • Crime Punishment and Disease

    Crime, Punishment, and Disease

    Crime, Punishment and Disease will be of particular interest to students of philosophy, social welfare, education, and new developments in psychiatry, and will be of direct relevance to criminologists."–BOOK JACKET.

  • Physical Activity and Mental Health

    Physical Activity and Mental Health
    William P. Morgan

    This text is an effort to summarize and synthesize the existing research dealing with the influence of physical activity on mental health, as well as the potential mechanisms underlying psychological effects.

  • Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research

    Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research
    Darin D. Dougherty, Scott L. Rauch

    This ground-breaking volume is structured around experimental paradigms, including magnetic resonance imaging, cognitive activation studies, structural and functional imaging, in vivo neuroreceptor imaging techniques and characterization, …

  • The Behavioral Genetics of Psychopathology

    The Behavioral Genetics of Psychopathology
    Kerry Leslie Jang

    In this book, Kerry Jang attempts not to answer questions about what is "genetic" and what is not, but about what a knowledge of the relative influence of genes versus environment means at a psychological level of analysis –to show how it …

  • The Lake With Two Dams

    The Lake With Two Dams
    Virginia Schroeder Burnham, William H. Hampton

    The authors created this book in the belief that everyone has a critical need for authentic, understandable information about mental illness and offer this book to enlighten you and enable you to discern between a mental illness and a …

  • Evaluation

    F. Pearl Eliadis, Jan-Eric Furubo, Steve Jacob

    Pearl Eliadis is a lawyer specializing in democratic governance and development, and has undertaken evaluations internationally and in Canada with a focus on human rights. —

  • The Use of Psychological Testing for Treatment Planning and Outcomes Assessment General considerations

    The Use of Psychological Testing for Treatment Planning and Outcomes Assessment: General considerations
    Mark Edward Maruish

    This comprehensive, clinician-friendly guide, now in an expanded and updated third edition, helps mental health professionals identify and use appropriate tests to plan, monitor, and assess the outcome of psychological interventions.

  • Mental Health in the Workplace

    Mental Health in the Workplace
    Donna R. Kemp

    A guide to the impact of mental health issues on the workplace, with special attention to complying with provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • Niente da nascondere

    Niente da nascondere
    Francesco Casali

    Questo libro non nasconde nulla.

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