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  • The Accidental Mind

    The Accidental Mind
    David J. Linden

    In this learned work, neuroscientist Linden counters the widespread assumption that the brain is a paragon of design–and instead gives an explanation of how the brain's evolution has resulted in nothing short of forming humanity.

  • The Development of Consciousness

    The Development of Consciousness
    Giampaolo Sasso, Jennifer Cottam

    Using Freud's Project For a Scientific Psychology as a starting point, this book is a brilliant new approach that combines psychoanalytical research with neuroscience.

  • Fundamentos de psicobiolog a

    Fundamentos de psicobiología
    Diego Redolar Ripoll

    Hoy en día sabemos que el sistema nervioso controla y regula la mayoría de las actividades del organismo. Éste recibe, integra, procesa la información y envía diferentes señales para regular múltiples funciones, desde la puesta en …

  • Braintrust

    Patricia S. Churchland

    A key part of the story is oxytocin, an ancient body-and-brain molecule that, by decreasing the stress response, allows humans to develop the trust in one another necessary for the development of close-knit ties, social institutions, and …

  • Human Mental Workload

    Human Mental Workload
    N. Meshkati, P.A. Hancock

    The purpose of this volume is to look at the developments and changes that have occurred in the area of mental workload and its assessment since the NATO symposium was held in 1979.

  • Train Your Mind Change Your Brain

    Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain
    Sharon Begley

    This tremendously hopeful book takes us to the leading edge of a revolution in what it means to be human. From the Hardcover edition.

  • Case Studies in the Neuropsychology of Vision

    Case Studies in the Neuropsychology of Vision
    Glyn W. Humphreys

    This book provides reviews of major case studies dealing with the breakdown of visual perception and recognition, including the disorders of motion vision, colour vision, perceptual integration, perceptual classification, recognition of …

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    Активизация речевой коммуникации у детей и взрослых с патологией речи
    Наталья Кошелева, Наталья Кочеткова

    Пособие предназначено для занятий по восстановлению речи у взрослых и детей после инсульта и черепно-мозговых травм. Издание …

  • Journalists Under Fire

    Journalists Under Fire
    Anthony Feinstein

    Neuropsychiatrist Anthony Feinstein breaks new ground in the study of trauma-related disorders as he explores, through a carefully constructed original study and interviews with many journalists seasoned in the world's hot spots, the trauma …

  • Handbook of Developmental Social Neuroscience

    Handbook of Developmental Social Neuroscience
    Michelle De Haan, Megan R. Gunnar

    Recent years have seen an explosion of research into the physiological and neural bases of social behavior. This state-of-the science handbook is unique in approaching the topic from a developmental perspective.

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