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  • Raising Kids with Character

    Raising Kids with Character
    Elizabeth Berger

    A guide for parents, clinicians, and policy makers connects everyday moments and relationships in a child's life with their developing sense of values and meaning, demonstrating how children can be best positioned to become morally strong …

  • Choices for Living

    Choices for Living
    Thomas S. Langner

    In contrast, this book looks at the ways in which the fear of death operates on a back burner throughout our lives and how it influences the choices we make and the paths that we follow in life.

  • The Point of Being

    The Point of Being
    Derrick de Kerckhove, Cristina Miranda de Almeida

    This book explores the research question: what are the psycho-physiological dimensions of the ways people experience their presence in the world and the world’s presence in them?

  • Chinese Modernity and the Individual Psyche

    Chinese Modernity and the Individual Psyche
    A. Kipnis

    Mindful of the many forms of social theory that relate modernity to individualism, this volume addresses social and cultural change through the lens of psychological anthropology.

  • Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology

    Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology
    Adam Joinson, Katelyn McKenna, Tom Postmes, Ulf-Dietrich Reips

    "The Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology" brings together many of the leading researchers in what can be termed 'Internet Psychology'. Though a very new area of research, it is growing at a phenomenal pace.

  • Cognitive Contextual and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse

    Cognitive, Contextual, and Personality Factors in Wife Abuse
    Brad M. Hastings

    This study is designed to show how personality dispositions and cognitive variables may combine with social norms to influence wife abuse.

  • Hesiod s Works and Days

    Hesiod’s Works and Days
    Lilah Grace Canevaro

    In this volume, Lilah Grace Canevaro situates the poem within these two modes of reading and argues that the text itself, through Hesiod's complex mechanism of rendering elements detachable while tethering them to their context for the …

  • Fathering Behaviors

    Fathering Behaviors
    Wade C. Mackey

    Like the lines of a secret map made dimly apparent by the chemical potion brushed on a piece of paper from a child's detective kit, the outlines of what may be a substantial behavioral biology of human life seem to be coming clear.

  • Responding to the Homeless

    Responding to the Homeless
    Russell K. Schutt, Gerald R. Garrett

    The volume also includes clear descriptions of the sometimes elusive processes of counseling and case management for homeless individuals.

  • Relational Models Theory

    Relational Models Theory
    Nick Haslam

    This book offers a critical introduction to contemporary relational models theory and illustrates the ways in which it has illuminated a wide range of interpersonal phenomena and stimulated research on individual psychology, collective …

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