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  • Social and Communication Disorders Following Traumatic Brain Injury

    Social and Communication Disorders Following Traumatic Brain Injury
    Skye McDonald, Leanne Togher, Chris Code

    This book fills this important gap in the literature and provides information ranging from a broad overview of the nature of pathology following TBI and its effects on cognition and behaviour, through to the latest evidence about ways to …

  • Experimental Methods in Neuropsychology

    Experimental Methods in Neuropsychology
    Kenneth Hugdahl

    This book presents an updated view of recent methodological developments in experimental psychology and clinical neuroscience.

  • Clinical Assessment Computerized Methods and Instrumentation

    Clinical Assessment, Computerized Methods, and Instrumentation
    F.J. Maarse, L.J.M. Mulder, A.N. Brand, A.E. Akkerman

    ;The first section of the work contains contributions concerning clinical assessment.

  • Handbook of Consultation Liaison Psychiatry

    Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
    Hoyle Leigh, Jon Streltzer

    The Second Edition of the Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry utilizes the new DSM-5 classification of mental disorders, and ably follows its predecessor by presenting the diverse state of the specialty to enhance the work of …

  • Breathe Walk and Chew The Neural Challenge Part 2

    Breathe, Walk and Chew; The Neural Challenge:, Part 2

    This volume investigates the implications of how our brain directs our movements on decision-making.

  • Der Einfluss der Neurowissenschaften auf die Psychotherapie

    Der Einfluss der Neurowissenschaften auf die Psychotherapie
    Philumena Reiser

    In neuester Zeit erhält die kognitive Neurobiologie ein großes Gewicht und Hirnforscher wie Gerhard Roth und Wolf Singer beeinflussen vor allem mit ihren philosophischen Reflexionen und Diskussionen über psychologische Grenzfragen wie …

  • Somatosensory Processing

    Somatosensory Processing
    Mark Rowe, Yoshiaki Iwamura

    The diversity of contemporary investigative approaches included in this volume provides an exciting account of our current understanding of brain mechanisms responsible for sensory and perceptual experience in the areas of touch, …

  • Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia

    Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia
    Lisa D. Ravdin, Heather L. Katzen

    This book offers practitioners a hands-on guide to bedrock clinical tasks.

  • Fundamentos de psicobiolog a

    Fundamentos de psicobiología
    Diego Redolar Ripoll

    Hoy en día sabemos que el sistema nervioso controla y regula la mayoría de las actividades del organismo. Éste recibe, integra, procesa la información y envía diferentes señales para regular múltiples funciones, desde la puesta en …

  • A Dented Image

    A Dented Image
    Alison Wertheimer

    A Dented Image will be of interest to a wide-ranging audience: survivors and their families and friends; health professionals working with people recovering from acute brain injury in hospital and community-based services including doctors, …

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