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  • A Practice that Works

    A Practice that Works
    Steven M. Harris, Ph.D, David C. Ivey, Ph.D, Roy A. Bean, Ph.D.

    This book pulls together a group of mental health professionals who have branched out into new markets and services.

  • The Mindfulness Toolbox

    The Mindfulness Toolbox
    Donald Altman, M.A., LPC

    A Complete Guide to Mindfulness Tools for Clinicians At last, an authoritative book filled with mindfulness tools that deliver an essential set of engaging, practical strategies along with key research and evidence-based information.

  • The Use of Psychological Testing for Treatment Planning and Outcomes Assessment General considerations

    The Use of Psychological Testing for Treatment Planning and Outcomes Assessment: General considerations
    Mark Edward Maruish

    This comprehensive, clinician-friendly guide, now in an expanded and updated third edition, helps mental health professionals identify and use appropriate tests to plan, monitor, and assess the outcome of psychological interventions.

  • The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer

    The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer
    Donald E. Wiger

    The new edition features: Revised examples of a wider range of psychological concerns New chapters on documentation ethics and the art and science of psychological assessment and psychotherapy Study questions and answers at the end of each …

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    Клип-трансерфинг. Принципы управления реальностью
    Вадим Зеланд

    Вадим Зеланд – один из самых читаемых современных писателей, автор более десяти книг-бестселлеров о сенсационной методике …

  • Helping the Helpers Not to Harm

    Helping the Helpers Not to Harm
    Ruth B. Caplan, Gerald Caplan

    In writing this book they hope to establish guidelines that will help caregivers to recognize and deal with potentially harmful behavior thereby improving the standards of care for all patients.

  •          е        Cherchez La Femme

    Мужчина и Женщина, или Cherchez La Femme
    Анатолий Некрасов

    Мужчина и женщина… Что следует за этими словами? Прислушайтесь… Хочется сказать – любовь. Не правда ли? В основе всего в этом Мире …

  • Ethics in Counseling and Therapy Developing an Ethical Identity

    Ethics in Counseling and Therapy: Developing an Ethical Identity
    Rick A. Houser, Stephen Thoma

    Houser and Thoma helps the counselor form his or her own ethical identity and reflect on his or her own values and issues by presenting a theoretical framework that draws on theories from disciplines such as philosophy, sociology, and moral …

  • Lo specchio interno La formazione personale del terapeuta sistemico in una prospettiva europea

    Lo specchio interno. La formazione personale del terapeuta sistemico in una prospettiva europea
    AA. VV.


  • Private Practice Made Simple

    Private Practice Made Simple
    Randy Paterson

    This book offers tips on everything from getting client referrals and creating a positive and comfortable office atmosphere to building a strong and thriving therapy practice that can serve both you and your clients.

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