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  • When Professionals Weep

    When Professionals Weep
    Renee S. Katz, Therese G. Johnson

    Diverse leaders in the field of death, dying, and bereavement, address the issues surrounding the intersection of the personal and the professional in the unique context of end-of-life care.

  • Adlerian Counseling

    Adlerian Counseling
    Thomas J. Sweeney

    Providing proven contributions to Adlerian psychology, this book explains the dimensions and uses of natural and logical consequences – the bases of Adlerian/individual psychology.

  • Lay Analysis

    Lay Analysis
    Robert S. Wallerstein

    The book culminates in a comprehensive review of the lawsuit of March 1985 in which four clinical psychologists, representing a stated class of several thousand colleagues and fully supported by the American Psychological Association, …

  • Sexual Physical and Emotional Abuse in Out of Home Care

    Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse in Out-of-Home Care
    Toni Cavanaugh Johnson

    Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse in Out-of-Home Care brings into the open current or past sexually, physically, or emotionally abusive behaviors between children or between children and their caregivers in out-of-home care and helps …

  • Stress in Psychotherapists

    Stress in Psychotherapists
    Ved P. Varma

    Highlights the pressures experienced by psychotherapists and examines how the effects vary according to the problems they treat, the settings in which they work and their professional and personal development.

  • Elements of the Helping Process

    Elements of the Helping Process
    Raymond Fox

    Any mental health clinician looking for guidance on establishing an environment of sharing, openness, challenge, and change with his or her clients will find this book to be an invaluable resource.

  • Becoming an Addictions Counselor A Comprehensive Text

    Becoming an Addictions Counselor: A Comprehensive Text
    Peter L. Myers, Norman R. Salt

    With thorough discussions on ethics, treatment planning, and case management, this text prepares readers to become ethical, competent counselors.

  • Mastering Your Adult ADHD

    Mastering Your Adult ADHD
    Steven A. Safren, Carol A. Perlman, Susan Sprich, Michael W. Otto

    Except for the intervention described in this series, there have been virtually no tested psychological interventions for clients with adult ADHD to date.

  • Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juveniles

    Assessing and Managing Violence Risk in Juveniles
    Randy Borum, David Allan Verhaagen

    Highly practical and accessible, this is an indispensable resource for any mental health practitioner working with youth at risk for violent behavior.

  • Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology First Edition

    Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology, First Edition
    Scott O. Lilienfeld, Steven Jay Lynn, Jeffrey M. Lohr

    This is the first major text designed to help professionals and students evaluate the merits of popular yet controversial practices in clinical psychology, differentiating those that can stand up to the rigors of science from those that …

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