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  • Gay and Lesbian Aging

    Gay and Lesbian Aging
    Gilbert Herdt, PhD, Brian De Vries, PhD

    This volume brings to the forefront important issues concerning the health, mental health, and concomitant special social service needs of this population and emphasizes the need for more research on aging sexual minorities.

  • The Biological Foundations of Organizational Behavior

    The Biological Foundations of Organizational Behavior
    Stephen M. Colarelli, Richard D. Arvey

    Yet despite broad levels of commonality between the disciplines—including an emphasis on adaptation, evolved mechanisms that guide behavior, and consequences of mismatch between these mechanisms and novel environments—studies that apply …

  • Making Sense of Mass Education

    Making Sense of Mass Education
    Gordon Tait

    This new edition has been comprehensively updated to provide current information regarding literature, statistics and legal policies, and significantly expands on the previous edition's structure of derailing traditional myths about …

  • Creating Change for Complex Children and their Families

    Creating Change for Complex Children and their Families
    Marion Polichroniadis, Jo Holmes, Amelia Oldfield

    This book will be indispensable reading for trainees and professionals working with children with mental health problems and their families, and special needs educationalists wanting to understand the benefits of an intensive, multi-family …

  • How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life

    How Music Helps in Music Therapy and Everyday Life
    Dr Gary Ansdell

    This book will be relevant to practitioners, academics, and researchers looking for a broad-based theoretical perspective to guide further study and policy in music, well-being, and health.

  • Understanding the High functioning Alcoholic

    Understanding the High-functioning Alcoholic
    Sarah Allen Benton

    This volume spotlights the thinking of millions of "successful" people who excel in other ways, but remain powerless against and under the control of alcohol.

  • Discourse and Cognition

    Discourse and Cognition
    Derek Edwards

    For psychologists whose work involves an understanding of the relations between language and cognition this book will be essential reading…. This is a demanding book that will repay close attention.

  • The Space Between Us

    The Space Between Us
    Ruthellen Josselson

    Integrating psychological theories with empirical evidence, the author of this volume draws fundamental conclusions about the nature and types of relationships, and develops eight dimensions of relatedness ranging from the very casual to …

  • The Race Card

    The Race Card
    Richard Thompson Ford

    Daring, entertaining, and incisive, The Race Card brings sophisticated legal analysis, eye-popping anecdotes, and plain old common sense to this heated topic.

  • Expert Political Judgment

    Expert Political Judgment
    Philip E. Tetlock

    This book fills that need. Here, Philip E. Tetlock explores what constitutes good judgment in predicting future events, and looks at why experts are often wrong in their forecasts.

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