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  • The International Journal of Indian Psychology Volume 3 Issue 2 No 4

    The International Journal of Indian Psychology, Volume 3, Issue 2, No. 4

    We experience here feeling of joy while presenting first issue of 2016. We thank you again researchers who have presented their articles in this issue. This Issue (Volume 3, Issue 2, No. 1) Published, January, 2016

  • God is Enough

    God is Enough
    M.E. Louis

    Though I was surrounded with wonderful, loving people, none of them could restore the half of me that died that day. This was a God-sized task! This is my journey through shock, grief, mourning and healing.

  • Devastating Losses

    Devastating Losses
    William Feigelman


  • The Life and Times of Sgt Joseph Thomas Tom Biway USMC

    The Life and Times of Sgt. Joseph Thomas “Tom” Biway, USMC
    D. J. Cotten

    Her personal life time-out is enlightening to future pilgrims looking for a glimpse of reality along the Way of St. James. The book will make you laugh and bring tears to your eyes.

  • The Future Tense of Joy

    The Future Tense of Joy
    Jessica Teich

    "Jessica Teich's understanding of trauma is the infallible authority upon which her tale rests. But the delicacy and nuance with which she renders this story is that of a poet.

  • Preventive Strategies on Suicide

    Preventive Strategies on Suicide
    René F. W. Diekstra

    This volume, produced under the supervision and auspices of the World Health Organization, for the first time brings together information on epidemiological, clinical and preventive-intervention aspects regarding suicide that has global …

  • Adolescent Suicidal Behavior

    Adolescent Suicidal Behavior
    David K. Curran

    First published in 1987. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

  • Missing Person

    Missing Person
    Federico Sanchez

    This is a novel about suicide and how people go missing: they die (are killed or commit suicide), or they voluntarily choose to disappear.

  • Eight Stories Up

    Eight Stories Up
    DeQuincy A. Lezine, David A. Brent

    "The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania."

  • Developing a Research Strategy for Suicide Prevention in the Department of Defense

    Developing a Research Strategy for Suicide Prevention in the Department of Defense
    Rajeev Ramchand, Nicole K. Eberhart, Christopher Guo, Eric Pedersen, Terrance Dean Savitsky, Terri Tanielian, Phoenix Voorhies

    To support U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) efforts to create a unified, comprehensive strategic plan for suicide prevention research, a RAND study cataloged studies funded by DoD and other entities, examined whether current research maps …

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