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  • The Origins of the Bah   Community of Canada 1898 1948

    The Origins of the Bahá’í Community of Canada, 1898-1948
    Will C. van den Hoonaard

    This is a story of modern spiritual heroes—people who changed the lives of others through their devotion to the Bahá’í ideals, in particular to the belief that the earth is one country and all of humankind are its citizens.

  • The General Instruction of the Roman Missal 1969 2002

    The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, 1969-2002
    Dennis Chester Smolarski

    This book is no exception. Those interested in the execution and history of the celebration of the Eucharist as well as clergy, seminarians, and liturgy committees will find this volume of interest.? The Jurist

  • The Bah

    The Bahá’í
    Michael McMullen

    Adherents view themselves as united by a universal belief that transcends national boundaries. Michael McMullen examines how the Bah ' develop and maintain this global identity.

  •     ت           ت

    دیانتی ممنوع – آزار و تعقیب بهاییان در ایران
    Anonymous, ناشناس

    ketab – sherkat ketab – شرکت کتاب – – ketab corp خوانندگان گرامی چنانچه در دریافت و خواندن کتاب، مجلات و یلوپیج شرکت کتاب با مشکلی برخورد کردید …

  • Gnostic Apocalypse and Islam

    Gnostic Apocalypse and Islam
    Todd Lawson

    This book examines the Islamic roots of the Babi religion, (and by extension the later Baha’i faith which developed out of it), through the Qur’anic commentaries of the Bab and sheds light on its relationship to the wider religious …

  • Marriage

    Baha’i Publishing

    Helps couples use spirituality in their everyday lives with the aim of strengthening their marriage. Original.

  • Despertar

    Hussein Ahdieh, Hillary Chapman

    The book gives accounts from survivors, attempts to explain the motives of the persecutors, and tries to provide a context if any can be found for the level of brutality that occurred.

  • The Baha i Faith A Guide For The Perplexed

    The Baha’i Faith: A Guide For The Perplexed
    Robert H. Stockman

    Aimed at students seeking a thorough understanding of this increasingly studied religion, this book is the ideal companion to studying and understanding the Bahá'í Faith, its teachings and the history of its development.

  • The Reality of It All

    The Reality of It All
    Ronnie Cohen

    The Reality of It All is extremely thoughtprovoking and somewhat controversial in that it tries to answer difficult questions that arise within most people at some time in their lives.

  • Hindu Bioethics for the Twenty first Century

    Hindu Bioethics for the Twenty-first Century
    S. Cromwell Crawford

    The Hindu bioethics presented in this book are philosophically pluralistic and ethically contextual, giving them that conceptual flexibility which is often missing in Western religions, but which is demanded by the twenty-first century's …

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