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  • The Friend of the Bridegroom

    The Friend of the Bridegroom
    Sergeĭ Nikolaevich Bulgakov

    Yet this is not a work of arcane scholarship intended just for academic readers. Typical of all of Bulgakov's books, The Friend of the Bridegroom is steeped in devotional language and holy awe.

  • Reflections on Words of the New Testament

    Reflections on Words of the New Testament
    W. E. Vine

    Reflections on Words of the New Testament presents important concepts found throughout the New Testament in straightforward language with special focus on how these words deepen your understanding of the meaning of Scripture.

  • Eve s Bible

    Eve’s Bible
    Sarah S. Forth, Ph.D.

    Eve's Bible is for every woman who has ever said, "I've always wanted to read the Bible but .

  • Selected Christian Hebraists

    Selected Christian Hebraists
    William McKane

    This is the first book on this subject that draws together such fields of scholarship as patristics, biblical scholarship, and translation problems.

  • Rewriting Moses

    Rewriting Moses
    Brian Britt

    This is volume 14 in the Gender, Cutlure, Theory series and is volume 402 in the Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplements series.

  • Leading with Billy Graham

    Leading with Billy Graham
    Jay Dennis

    Filled with interviews and stories from many of Billy Graham's associates and eight pages of photographs, this book offers a fascinating look inside the most successful evangelistic ministry of modern times as well as an inspiring blueprint …

  • Should the Church Teach Tithing

    Should the Church Teach Tithing?
    Russell Kelly, Ph.D.

    This book leaves no question or objection about tithing unanswered. It is a "must read" for any serious Bible student.

  • Un annunciazione

    Elena Loewenthal

    «Scrittori di Scrittura» è un progetto che presenta al pubblico le opere di alcuni autori che si sono cimentati nella riscrittura di un brano biblico secondo la propria sensibilità.

  • Changes in Scripture

    Changes in Scripture
    Hanne von Weissenberg, Juha Pakkala, Marko Marttila

    The articles in this volume investigate changes in texts that became to be regarded as holy and unchangeable in Judaism and Christianity.

  • The Fate of King David

    The Fate of King David
    Tod Linafelt, Timothy Beal, Claudia V. Camp

    Part Two, Reading David, expands the narrative horizon. These essays analyze the use of the David character in larger biblical narrative contexts.

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