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  • The Christian Pastor

    The Christian Pastor
    Wayne E. Oates, Wayne Edward Oates

    A standard work in seminaries and a reliable guide for clergy in many denominations for over thirty years, The Christian Pastor has been revised to include up-to-date research on the role of pastors in contemporary life.

  • Explosi√ n de liderazgo

    Explosión de liderazgo
    Joel Comiskey

    Describe las estrategias utilizadas por las iglesias que crecen para forjar líderes y facilita los modelos aplicables para su formación.

  • Church That Works

    Church That Works
    Gary L. McIntosh

    "Remarkably insightful, informative, and thought-provoking. Gary has an outstanding knowledge of a wide range of subjects. I heartily recommend this work to all pastors and church leaders.

  • Forbearance and Compulsion

    Forbearance and Compulsion
    Maijastina Kahlos

    Here Maijastina Kahlos widens the historical perspective to encompass late antiquity, examining ancient discussions of religious moderation and coercion in their historical contexts.

  • Great Leader Great Teacher

    Great Leader, Great Teacher
    Gary J. Bredfeldt

    This book calls readers to be what the Bible empowers them to be, teachers who follow Christ's example of leading by serving, suffering, and sacrificing for the sake of others. The greatest leaders among us are the great teachers among us.

  • The Irresistible Church

    The Irresistible Church
    Wayne Cordeiro

    After more than 25 years of ministry in Hawaii, Wayne Cordeiro knows how to do church as a team.

  • Leading God s People

    Leading God’s People
    Christopher A. Beeley

    Using the wisdom of the past to address the challenges of the present, Christopher Beeley's Leading God's People presents key principles of church leadership as they were taught by great pastor-theologians of the early church, including …

  • Restoration Reformation and Reform 1660 1828

    Restoration, Reformation, and Reform, 1660-1828
    Jeremy Gregory

    In so doing the book covers the political, social, economic, cultural, intellectual and pastoral functions of the Church and, by adopting a broad chronological span, it allows the problems and difficulties often ascribed to the eighteenth …

  • Cloud of Witnesses

    Cloud of Witnesses

    " – From the foreword by George Cardinal Pell of Sydney This is an unusual book, written by an author with unusual insights, a wide range of knowledge, and an elegant style. Father George Rutler is a priest of the Archdiocese of New York.

  • Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Liturgical Participation

    Toward a Trinitarian Theology of Liturgical Participation
    R. Gabriel Pivarnik, Kevin W. Irwin

    In this fascinating new work, Gabriel Pivarnik identifies the major theological developments in the concept of active participation of the last century, most notably in Mediator Deiand the Vatican II documents.

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