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  • Creative Chords

    Creative Chords
    Jeff Astley, Timothy Hone

    This collection of papers provides a synoptic view of the relationship between music, theology and Christian learning.

  • Mi primera Biblia

    Mi primera Biblia
    Pedro Antonio Urbina

    Con esta primera Biblia, podrás conocer mejor el mensaje que Dios nos envía a todos nosotros. Y este mensaje dice lo que Dios ha hecho y hará por los hombres, porque nos quiere.

  • Reflexi n Teol gica

    Reflexi n Teol gica
    Joye Gros

    Estas son las hambres que la reflexion teologica puede ayudarnos a saciar. Este libro nos ofrece una vision de la reflexion teologica, un modelo y un metodo.

  • A Feather Blown On The Breath Of God

    A Feather Blown On The Breath Of God
    Sheryl Stewart

    A fun collection of short stories with a Native American theme, A Feather Blown on the Breath of God is a series of stories from that ancient time when it was common to speak with animals, plants, clouds, fire, and the very rocks themselves …

  • Re Imagining Christian Education for the Twenty First Century

    Re-Imagining Christian Education for the Twenty-First Century
    Andrew B. Morris

    Each theme is addressed in the selection of papers included in this book edited by Andrew B. Morris.

  • Growing in Jesus

    Growing in Jesus
    Doug Fields, Brett Eastman

    Used in conjunction with the Experiencing Christ Together Student Edition books, these teaching lessons support and advance the work your students will be doing in their small groups.

  • The Way of a Disciple Walking with Jesus

    The Way of a Disciple: Walking with Jesus
    Don Cousins, Judson Poling

    It is also to produce believers who live the Word in all areas of life and contribute to the work that God is doing in the local church.

  • Teaching Christianity

    Teaching Christianity
    Clive Erricker

    Revised and updated, this is an invaluable too for the teacher of today. It approaches Christianity as a world religion, and assesses the implications of this rubric for all involved in teaching Christianity.

  • Faith with Benefits

    Faith with Benefits
    Jason King

    Students, parents, faculty, administrators-indeed, anyone who cares about Catholic teenagers and young adults-will find much of value in this book.

  • The Answers Book for Kids

    The Answers Book for Kids
    Ken Ham

    Provides answers to such children's questions as "Did bumblebees have stingers before Adam and Eve sinned?" and "Why do evolutionists trust their beliefs and not Christ?"

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