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  • Baltimore Catechism No 1

    Baltimore Catechism No. 1
    Third Council of Baltimore

    The Baltmore Catechism was composed at the order of the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore and was the standard religion text in American Catholic schools from 1885 to the late 1960s.

  • Educating for Shalom

    Educating for Shalom
    Nicholas Wolterstorff, Clarence Joldersma, Gloria Goris Stronks

    Presents a collection of essays on Christian higher education.

  • Piccolo catechismo eucaristico

    Piccolo catechismo eucaristico
    Roberto Coggi

  • Education and the Soul

    Education and the Soul
    John P. Miller

    With emphasis on preparing students for jobs, standards, and achievement testing, many think that North American education has become inwardly deadening, yet this book provides a counterbalance as it offers a way to nurture the soul in …

  • Ganzheitliche Methoden im Religionsunterricht

    Ganzheitliche Methoden im Religionsunterricht
    Ludwig Rendle

    Ganzheitliche Methoden sind im Religionsunterricht wichtiger denn je. So werden religiöse Erfahrungen ermöglicht und kreative Potenziale geweckt.

  • Spiritual Gifts High School Study

    Spiritual Gifts: High School Study
    Jim Burns, Doug Fields

    Inside the book you'll find a special download link for additional reproducible student handouts and options for every session to tailor each study to your group's unique needs.

  • Teaching Faith with Harry Potter

    Teaching Faith with Harry Potter
    Patricia Lyons

    J. K. Rowling was less obvious than C. S. Lewis or J. R. R. Tolkien in her grounding of the Harry Potter series in deeply held Christian convictions, leaving many with a strong sense that these stories are spiritual lessons but not sure how …

  • Revelation and the End Times

    Revelation and the End Times
    Ben Witherington

    A trustworthy guide to the rich and perplexing symbolism of the Book of Revelation.

  • Blessing

    Andrew Davison

    Blessing, whether we are giving it or seeking it, is perhaps one of the most overused but least understood Christian terms.

  • Saint Joan

    Saint Joan
    Louis de Wohl

    This book combines a world-famous Catholic novelist, Louis de Wohl, with one of the most thrilling and dramatic saints’ lives in history, St. Joan of Arc.

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