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  • The Christian Pastor

    The Christian Pastor
    Wayne E. Oates, Wayne Edward Oates

    A standard work in seminaries and a reliable guide for clergy in many denominations for over thirty years, The Christian Pastor has been revised to include up-to-date research on the role of pastors in contemporary life.

  • Jungle Thorn

    Jungle Thorn
    Norma Youngberg

    This is the story of a young girl named Kondima in the mountains of Borneo.

  • Christianity Beyond Belief

    Christianity Beyond Belief
    Todd D. Hunter

    What If You Knew You Were Going to Live Tomorrow? You've prayed the sinner's prayer. You know that if you die tonight, you'll go to heaven. But Todd Hunter believes Christianity is a life, not merely a secure death.

  • Seed Sown

    Seed Sown
    Jay Cormier

    Jay Cormier comments briefly on the linguistic, theological, and cultural context of the readings for each Sunday and solemnity in the three year lectionary.

  • Bible Characters

    Bible Characters

    The outlines for this series have been chosen from some of the most respected preachers in history, such Jabez Burns, R. G. Lee, F. E. Marsh, John Ritchie, Charles H. Spurgeon, John Weslyey, and Many others.

  • Restore

    Vince Antonucci

    He knows how important it is to learn to break free of these old hurts and bad habits. The essence of that popular class is contained in this book. Move past your past, heal your hurts, and break your bad habits.

  • David C Cook s KJV Bible Lesson Commentary

    David C. Cook’s KJV Bible Lesson Commentary
    Dan Lioy, David C Cook

    The David C. Cook Bible Lesson Commentary, NIV and KJV (formerly Peloubet's and Tarbell's), contains fifty-two weeks of Bible lessons based on the International Sunday School Lessons (ISSL) series.

  • Beginning Well

    Beginning Well
    Gordon T. Smith

    Gordon T. Smith contends that the key to complete and authentic Christian conversion is an appropriate theology of conversion–in other words, beginning well.

  • The Burden Is Light

    The Burden Is Light
    Jon Tyson

    This is a must read for each and every person trying to find their voice and purpose in a loud and frenetic world.

  • Leading God s People

    Leading God’s People
    Christopher A. Beeley

    Using the wisdom of the past to address the challenges of the present, Christopher Beeley's Leading God's People presents key principles of church leadership as they were taught by great pastor-theologians of the early church, including …

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