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  • The People are Holy

    The People are Holy
    Graydon F. Snyder, Doreen M. McFarlane

    Using biblical and historical data, this book first describes the biblical and theological basis for worship in the Free Church tradition, then shows how this tradition is expressed in worship at special occasions as well as in traditional …

  • Palaeobyzantine Notations 3

    Palaeobyzantine Notations 3
    Gerda Wolfram

    Der vorliegende Band als Ergebnis einer Tagung von Musikologen und Byzantinisten in Schloss Hernen/NL, beleuchtet verschiedene Aspekte des byzantinischen und des daraus entsprungenen slavischen Kirchengesangs.

  • Preaching from Home

    Preaching from Home
    Gracia Grindal

    This volume by Gracia Grindal introduces English-speaking readers to several significant yet unsung Lutheran women hymn writers from the sixteenth century to the present.

  • Desert Father

    Desert Father
    James Cowan

    Here is the stunning account of a modern seeker's quest to get beneath the legends that surround Anthony and to determine whether his extreme way of life has something to offer people in today's world.

  • Mudhouse Sabbath

    Mudhouse Sabbath
    Lauren F. Winner

    Kunst invites readers to explore midrash for the first time through a conversation between the author's own experiences and stories and insights of Jewish thought.

  • Gathered Before God

    Gathered Before God
    Jane Rogers Vann

    What is the central purpose of the church today? How can churches experience renewal through worship? In Gathered before God, Jane Rogers Vann answers these important questions by studying ten vibrant small, medium, and large churches.

  • Christian Ethics

    Christian Ethics
    Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics David S Cunningham, David S. Cunningham

    This is the essential text for students of all ethics courses in theology, religious studies and philosophy.

  • From Death to Rebirth

    From Death to Rebirth
    Thomas Macy Finn

    Finn makes history come alive both by carefully delineating the historical, cultural, and social factors at work in conversion and by drawing on the stories and firsthand accounts of conversion in ancient times.

  • Sabbath

    Wayne Muller

    In today's world, with its relentless emphasis on success and productivity, we have lost the necessary rhythm of life, the balance between work and rest.

  • Sotto le stelle della Galizia

    Sotto le stelle della Galizia
    Gaetano Troisi

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