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  • Die Kestoi des Julius Africanus und ihre ├ berlieferung

    Die Kestoi des Julius Africanus und ihre ├ťberlieferung
    Martin Wallraff, Laura Mecella

    They include magic, medicine, the military, agriculture and poetry. This volume examines the work, which survives only in fragments, along with its somewhat complicated reception, thus closing a gap in current research.

  • Jesus Paul and the Law

    Jesus, Paul, and the Law
    James D. G. Dunn

    This volume not only gathers the author's significant contributions to date but also includes new material. Divided into nine parts, it is set in the wider context of a living dialogue and debate.

  • Paul s Glory Christology

    Paul’s Glory-Christology
    Carey C. Newman

    " By using methodology developed in semantics, semiotics, and, more generally, literary theory, Newman examines the origin and rhetoric of Paul's Glory-Christology.The investigation involves three distinct tasks: (1) to plot the tradition …

  • The Ways of Our God

    The Ways of Our God
    Charles H. H. Scobie

    At a time when Old Testament and New Testament studies are considered to be two very different tasks, this major new work by Charles Scobie offers an approach to biblical theology meant to take in the entire sweep of divine revelation.

  • Recovering Jesus

    Recovering Jesus
    Thomas R. Yoder Neufeld

    This exceptional book is superb for both new and seasoned students of the Scriptures."–Marva J. Dawn, author of Talking the Walk "Recovering Jesus is a difficult task in our day. Skeptical words abound on many sides.

  • Prayer

    Stanley James Grenz

    But why is petitionary prayer important? Grenz presents petitionary prayer as a crucial aspect of the coming of God's kingdom on Earth and challenges the contemporary church to recapture what it means to be a church that prays.

  • Powers and Submissions

    Powers and Submissions
    Sarah Coakley

    In this book Sarah Coakley confronts a central paradox of theological feminism – what she terms 'the paradox of power and vulnerability'.

  • A Theology of Grace in Six Controversies

    A Theology of Grace in Six Controversies
    Edward T. Oakes

    In A Theology of Grace in Six Controversies Oakes examines issues relating to grace and points them back to that central question, illuminating and explaining what is really at stake in these debates.

  • Das Heiligkeitsgesetz Leviticus 17 26

    Das Heiligkeitsgesetz Leviticus 17-26
    Klaus Gr├╝nwaldt

    In der Reihe Beihefte zur Zeitschrift fur die alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (BZAW) erscheinen Arbeiten zu samtlichen Gebieten der alttestamentlichen Wissenschaft.

  • Ministers and Elders

    Ministers and Elders
    Steven Paas

    This book, written by a Lecturer at Zomba Theological College and a Minister in the Presbyterian Church of Central Africa, investigates the origins and characteristics of Presbyterian church-rule after service in both The Netherlands and …

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