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  • The Deacon s Ministry of the Word

    The Deacon’s Ministry of the Word
    Jay Cormier

    The book will focus primarily on the homily—but the ideas and skills can be readily applied by deacons in any presentation in which the word of God is central, including RCIA meetings and retreat conferences.

  • Sons of Saint Patrick

    Sons of Saint Patrick
    George J. Marlin, Brad Miner

    Sons of Saint Patrick tells the story of America's premiere Catholic see, the archdiocese of New York—from the coming of French Jesuit priests in the seventeenth century to the early years of Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

  • Talking About Cultural Diversity in Your Church

    Talking About Cultural Diversity in Your Church
    Michael V. Angrosino

    Clergy and laity of any church that wants to embrace rather than avoid issues of diversity will gain much from this book.

  • Salt of the Earth

    Salt of the Earth
    Joseph Ratzinger

    Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, well-known Vatican prelate and head of the Congregation on the Doctrine of the Faith, gives a full-length interview to secular journalist Peter Seewald, on a host of controversial and difficult issues facing …

  • Cities and Priests

    Cities and Priests
    Marietta Horster, Anja Klöckner

    These texts and images indicate how the priests and priestesses saw themselves and were viewed by others.

  • Patterns of Parish Leadership

    Patterns of Parish Leadership
    Dean R. Hoge, Jackson W. Carroll, Francis K. Scheets

    Patterns of Parish Leadership is a call to leadership on the part of all those who care for the future of ministry and missions.

  • Goodbye Good Men

    Goodbye, Good Men
    Michael S. Rose

    In the New York Times bestseller Goodbye, Good Men, investigative reporter Michael S. Rose provides the shocking answer that the mainstream news media have missed.

  • Rites of Ordination

    Rites of Ordination
    Paul F. Bradshaw

    In Rites of Ordination, Bradshaw turns his attention to the ways that Christians through the ages have understood what it means to ordain someone as a minister and how that has been expressed in liturgical practice.

  • Slaves in Paradise

    Slaves in Paradise
    Jesús García

    This powerful book is about one of the most controversial realities in our modern world: the existence of slave labor in the 21st century, with millions of people today living in horrendous conditions of abuse and subjugation.

  • Green Sisters

    Green Sisters
    Sarah McFarland Taylor

    Green sisters are environmentally active Catholic nuns working to heal the earth as they cultivate new forms of religious culture.

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