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  • Laicidad and Religious Diversity in Latin America

    Laicidad and Religious Diversity in Latin America
    Juan Marco Vaggione, José Manuel Morán Faúndes

    This book presents revealing reflections on historical, socio-political, and legal aspects, as well as their contexts, in Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru.

  • Religions Globalizations

    Dwight N. Hopkins

    DIVA collection of essays demonstrating the ways diverse religious rituals, symbols, ethics and ideologies perform as primary planks in the construction of the public realm, with particular focus on peripheral nations and politicized …

  • Qualitative Unterschiede zwischen Ost und Westchristentum

    Qualitative Unterschiede zwischen Ost- und Westchristentum
    Kachaber Zarkua

    Qualitative Unterschiede zwischen Ost- und Westchristentum Einleitung Für mich war es immer interessant, die Gründe der unterschiedlichen Entwicklung West- und Osteuropas und seiner Gesellschaft herauszufinden.

  • The Way Things Are

    The Way Things Are
    Huston Smith

    In his most accessible and personal book to date, Smith discusses "the spiritual life" with well known writers and luminaries. This is the closest to a Smith memoir ever published.

  • Islam and the Bible

    Islam and the Bible
    David Goldmann

    Here is a helpful book on Islam, written by a man who knows what he is talking about! David has had a fruitful ministry among Muslims, with many opportunities to apply this knowledge.

  • Muslim Christian and Jew

    Muslim, Christian, and Jew
    David Liepert

    . The later chapters of this book explore belief and human nature in a new light to explain how Freud's theories of the subconscious and quantum physics' model of the subatomic universe offer some of the best proof we have that God exists; …

  • Das Gottesbild im Wandel der Zeiten

    Das Gottesbild im Wandel der Zeiten
    Wolfgang Baudisch

    Dieser kleine Essay behandelt vorwiegend das Gottesbild im christlichen Abendland und geht nur marginal auf jenes in außereuropäischen Religionen ein.

  • The Receding Shadow of the Prophet

    The Receding Shadow of the Prophet
    Ray Takeyh, Nikolas K. Gvosdev

    An overview of predominantly Muslim societies that argues that Islamism has failed to provide Islamic societies with any feasible alternative to undertaking fundamental political and social reforms.

  • Christianity Islam and the West

    Christianity, Islam, and the West
    Robert A. Burns

    This book has its origins in a comparative religions course Burns has taught at the University of Arizona for the past thirty years.

  • The Complete Idiot s Guide to World Religions 4th Edition

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to World Religions, 4th Edition
    Brandon Toropov, Father Luke Buckles

    This edition also now features a chapter on Sikhism, more coverage of religious extremism in the 21st century, a new chapter on the afterlife, and additional online resources making it the most up-to-date volume available.

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