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  • Chancellorsville and the Germans

    Chancellorsville and the Germans
    Christian Keller

    The impact on America's large German community was devastating. But there is much more to the story than that.

  • After The Cult

    After The Cult
    Holger Jebens

    Based on anthropological fieldwork as well as on archival studies, this book addresses the relation between western and indigenous perceptions of self and other, between “tradition” and “modernity,” and between anthropological …

  • Confessions of an Illuminati VOLUME I

    Confessions of an Illuminati, VOLUME I
    Leo Lyon Zagami

    SYMBOLS ARE THE LANGUAGE OF THE ILLUMINATI Released in English for the first time by secret society insider and author Leo Lyon Zagami, this ground-breaking book presents internal documents, confidential rituals, secret fraternal rites, and …

  • The Church Universal and Triumphant

    The Church Universal and Triumphant
    Bradley C. Whitsel

    This book will appeal to general readers as well as political scientists and sociologists specializing in the fields of political sociology, millennialism, and radical religio-political movements.

  • Ethical Dimension of Cult in the Book of Isaiah

    Ethical Dimension of Cult in the Book of Isaiah
    Bohdan Hrobon

    This book investigates the relationship between cult and ethics in the book of Isaiah.

  • Case of Witchcraft

    Case of Witchcraft
    Robert Rapley

    Uses primary and secondary sources to provide a new interpretation of the story of Urbain Grandier, a seventeenth-century priest who was accused and found guilty of sorcery in Loudun, France.

  • The World in Flames

    The World in Flames
    Jerald Walker

    A memoir of growing up with blind, African-American parents in a segregated cult preaching the imminent end of the world When The World in Flames begins, in 1970, Jerry Walker is six years old.

  • Is Mormonism Christian

    Is Mormonism Christian?
    Gordon H. Fraser

    Covers much of the doctrine, practice, and teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and gives an outline of its history. Here is a penetrating analysis of a group known by many but understood by few.

  • Bloc TV Phase 1

    Bloc TV : Phase 1
    Corvin Dhali

    ECKOHAUS.EU In 2011, we were asked to develop an overview to assisting the expansion of the Bloc Festival Brand.

  • Xang de Pernambuco

    Xangô de Pernambuco
    Anilson Lins

    Os Terreiros de Pernambuco estavam por necessitar de uma publicação, e o livro de Anilson Lins – O Xangô de Pernambuco: a substância dos Orixás segundo os ensinamentos contidos no Manual do Sítio de Pai Adão, vem colaborar para o …

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