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  • Reflections on the Conduct of the Modern Deists

    Reflections on the Conduct of the Modern Deists

    Deism was often synonymous with natural religion (as distinct from revealed religion) in the 17th and 18th centuries; it meant belief in a God, but not in any particular mystical or supernatural powers.

  • Muhlenberg s Ministerium Ben Franklin s Deism and the Churches of the 21st Century

    Muhlenberg’s Ministerium, Ben Franklin’s Deism, and the Churches of the 21st Century
    John Reumann

    Special volume celebrating a 250-year-old American church body In 1748 six Lutheran pastors and laity from ten congregations gathered in Philadelphia under German missionary pastor Henry Melchior Muhlenberg to form the Ministerium of …

  • The Age of Reason

    The Age of Reason
    Thomas Paine

    Paine's years of study and reflection on the role of religion in society culminated with this, his final work.

  • La folie de la croix

    La folie de la croix
    François RENAUD

    Paul de Tarse (saint Paul), dans sa première lettre aux Corinthiens (1 Co 1, 17-31), évoque un logos de la croix (du Christ) qui serait folie, mais aussi sagesse.


    Richard Norman


  • Portal To Hell

    Portal To Hell
    Reynaldo Reyes

    Jesus Christ is not a human man, Jesus Christ is a deity.

  • Theosis Deification in Christian Theology Volume 2

    Theosis: Deification in Christian Theology, Volume 2
    Vladimir Kharlamov

    These biblical and historical-theological essays offer innovative approaches to the issue of theosis probing and exploring the interconnections between the theology of deification and the doctrines of the Trinity, christology, anthropology, …

  • Cavalier Hak

    Cavalier Hak

    In questo romanzo il Tempo è contratto e lo Spazio condiviso fra due differenti epoche storiche: il Medioevo e il Rinascimento.

  • King of the Jews

    King of the Jews
    Edward Beckstrom

    "King of the Jews: Jesus and the Messianic Age" attempts to resurrect the original mission and message of Jesus, the Messiah.

  • The Theological and Philological Works of the Late Mr John Toland

    The Theological and Philological Works of the Late Mr. John Toland
    John Toland

    1732. This book contains the work of the freethinker John Toland. Toland moved in both subversive and elite political circles in England and abroad.

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