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  • The Rite

    The Rite
    Matt Baglio

    The inspiration for the film starring Anthony Hopkins, journalist Matt Baglio uses the astonishing story of one American priest's training as an exorcist to reveal that the phenomena of possession, demons, the Devil, and exorcism are not …

  • The Occult World

    The Occult World
    Christopher Partridge

    This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult.

  • The Yezidis

    The Yezidis
    Birgül Açikyildiz

    Richly illustrated, with accompanying maps, photographs and illustrations, this pioneering book will have strong appeal to all those with an interest in the culture of the Kurds, as well as the wider region.

  • The Bathhouse at Midnight

    The Bathhouse at Midnight
    William Francis Ryan

    The title of this book refers to the classic time and place for magic, witchcraft, and divination in Russia.

  • The Secret Life of a Satanist

    The Secret Life of a Satanist
    Blanche Barton

    An inside view of the provocative man who created the Church of Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible.

  • Understanding Kanye West The Art of Passion

    Understanding Kanye West: The Art of Passion
    Chris Wheels, Kanye West

    This is the greatest conversation of all time!

  • Satanismo tra mito e realt

    Satanismo tra mito e realtà
    Chiara Camerani, Perla Lombardo, Fabio Sanvitale

    Il satanismo: un argomento che divide e attira.

  • Dem nios

    Daniel Marques

    A presente obra tem por objetivo dar a conhecer o processo de possessão diabólica, bem como o de resgate, de nós mesmos e dos outros.

  • Fallen Angels Watchers and the Witches Sabbat

    Fallen Angels: Watchers and the Witches Sabbat
    Michael W Ford

    This book explores the history, lore and academic studies of the names of the Fallen Angels or Watchers from the Book of Enoch, including a deep study of the symbolism associated with this shadowy cult of angels.

  • Modern Satanism

    Modern Satanism
    Chris Mathews

    Mathews offers a history and analysis of modern Satanism and its many derivations.

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