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  • The Yezidis

    The Yezidis
    Birgül Açikyildiz

    Richly illustrated, with accompanying maps, photographs and illustrations, this pioneering book will have strong appeal to all those with an interest in the culture of the Kurds, as well as the wider region.

  • The Bathhouse at Midnight

    The Bathhouse at Midnight
    William Francis Ryan

    The title of this book refers to the classic time and place for magic, witchcraft, and divination in Russia.

  • The Secret Life of a Satanist

    The Secret Life of a Satanist
    Blanche Barton

    An inside view of the provocative man who created the Church of Satan and wrote The Satanic Bible.

  • Understanding Kanye West The Art of Passion

    Understanding Kanye West: The Art of Passion
    Chris Wheels, Kanye West

    This is the greatest conversation of all time!

  • America Bewitched

    America Bewitched
    Owen Davies

    Yet the story of witchcraft did not end in Salem. As Owen Davies shows in America Bewitched, a new, long, and chilling chapter was about to begin.

  • Dem nios

    Daniel Marques

    A presente obra tem por objetivo dar a conhecer o processo de possessão diabólica, bem como o de resgate, de nós mesmos e dos outros.

  • Satan


    The story of Devil from antiquity to the present.

  • Il Cuore del Maestro

    Il Cuore del Maestro
    Aleister Crowley

    Il Cuore del Maestro è un poema iniziatico pubblicato da Crowley nel 1937, anche se la maggior parte del testo venne scritta dal Maestro in Tunisia sulla collina sacra di Sidi Bou Said nel 1924, subito dopo gli anni trascorsi a Cefalù …

  • Strategic Espionage

    Strategic Espionage
    Daniel Marques

    While describing a parallel between the most common forms of espionage in modern times, the book intends to show how our world has been moving towards a more complex strategy of warfare with higher purposes as it is the case of religious …

  • Modern Satanism

    Modern Satanism
    Chris Mathews

    Mathews offers a history and analysis of modern Satanism and its many derivations.

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