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  • Bride of Christ

    Bride of Christ
    Jodi Gay

    When you're not feeling favored or worthy, as if overcoming the challenge is impossible, this book will serve as a reminder, while every step may not be easy, to be grateful. We all have purpose.

  • Blessings of the Cross Lent 2011

    Blessings of the Cross Lent 2011
    Robert Martin Walker

    Each lesson in this lectionary-based group study includes commentary and relevant questions based on the Old Testament, Epistle, and Gospel readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.

  • A Harvest of the Lord s Wisdom Prayers for Living

    A Harvest of the Lord’s Wisdom & Prayers for Living
    Keith Torgersen

    This book will help you witness the miracle of the light and all it has to offer. At its heart, this book has scriptures from many different Bible chapters, which are transformed into a very easy-to-read version.

  • Just Beyond That Golden Door

    Just Beyond That Golden Door
    Hugh Lee Stevenson

    Stevenson presents 185 inspirational poems that contain life-changing messages.

  • Affective Meditation and the Invention of Medieval Compassion

    Affective Meditation and the Invention of Medieval Compassion
    Sarah McNamer

    This book offers a new history of a major medieval genre, affective meditations on the Passion.

  • A Call to Witness

    A Call to Witness
    Clarence G. Page

    In life, we can take many journeys, but nothing is like a spiritual journey of a lifetime.

  • I Care

    I Care
    Wendy Albouy

    At one time or another during their lifetimes, many people will be faced with the responsibility of caring for a sick or aging loved one. This edition provides an inside look into the unique world of care-giving. (Motivation)

  • A Year in Prayer

    A Year in Prayer
    Ministry Inc Oss Ministry Inc

    This is a day-to-day guide for readers wanting to experience daily, life-changing prayer by allowing the Bible to escort them before the throne of God. (Christianity)

  • Alive At 5

    Alive At 5
    L. Harris

    Alive at 5 – Victory in Retrospect, Volume 2 was written with everyone needing a blessing in mind. On its pages, Jesus Christ is lifted up with a New Testament focus.

  • Canine Parables

    Canine Parables
    Paulette Zubel

    Through observations of her dogs' wacky and winsome antics, Zubel shares analogies of God's loving nature, our relationship with him, and how we can grow closer to God from life's experiences.

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