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  • Hinduism in India

    Hinduism in India
    Greg Bailey

    This is a reflection of the fact that the cultural entity named “Hinduism” has been in a process of constant change and evolution, and continues to demonstrate many recognizably ancient elements even today.

  • Sahaja Yoga

    Sahaja Yoga
    Judith Coney

    The first full-length examination of Sahaja Yoga, a new religious movement led by Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi, which claims up to one hundred thousand members from around the world.This is the first full-length examination of Sahaja Yoga, a new …

  • The Religious Traditions of Japan 500 1600

    The Religious Traditions of Japan 500-1600
    Richard Bowring

    The first English-language overview of the interaction of Buddhism and Shint in Japanese culture."

  • Hinduism as a Missionary Religion

    Hinduism as a Missionary Religion
    Arvind Sharma

    Reconsiders whether Hinduism can be considered a missionary religion.

  • An Introduction to Confucianism

    An Introduction to Confucianism
    Xinzhong Yao

    Taking into account the long history and wide range of Confucian Studies, this book introduces Confucianism – initiated in China by Confucius (551 BC–479 BC) – primarily as a philosophical and religious tradition.

  • Opening a Mountain

    Opening a Mountain
    Steven Heine

    Offering a fresh approach to one of the most crucial elements of Zen Buddhism, Opening a Mountain is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the full story behind koans and the mysterious worlds they come from.

  • Pristine Dao The

    Pristine Dao, The
    Thomas Michael

    A new reading of Daoism, arguing that it originated in a particular textual tradition distinct from Confucianism and other philosophical traditions of early China.

  • Exploring Religions in Motion

    Exploring Religions in Motion
    Michael Pye

    These two volumes present Pye’s methodological, theoretical, and field-based interests in the study of religions. Pye understands the study of religions to be an international enterprise with roots in both European and East Asian culture.

  • The Vajra Essence

    The Vajra Essence
    Dudjom Lingpa

    This is the first translation of this seminal work in any Western language, and B. Alan Wallace, with his forty-five-plus years of extensive learning and deep meditative experience, is one of the most accomplished translators of Tibetan …

  • Effortless Action

    Effortless Action
    Edward Slingerland

    This book presents a systematic account of the role of the personal spiritual ideal of wu-wei–literally "no doing," but better rendered as "effortless action"–in early Chinese thought.

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