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  • The Religious Traditions of Japan 500 1600

    The Religious Traditions of Japan 500-1600
    Richard Bowring

    The first English-language overview of the interaction of Buddhism and Shint in Japanese culture."

  • Hinduism as a Missionary Religion

    Hinduism as a Missionary Religion
    Arvind Sharma

    Reconsiders whether Hinduism can be considered a missionary religion.

  • An Introduction to Confucianism

    An Introduction to Confucianism
    Xinzhong Yao

    Taking into account the long history and wide range of Confucian Studies, this book introduces Confucianism – initiated in China by Confucius (551 BC–479 BC) – primarily as a philosophical and religious tradition.

  • Opening a Mountain

    Opening a Mountain
    Steven Heine

    Offering a fresh approach to one of the most crucial elements of Zen Buddhism, Opening a Mountain is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the full story behind koans and the mysterious worlds they come from.

  • Exploring Religions in Motion

    Exploring Religions in Motion
    Michael Pye

    These two volumes present Pye’s methodological, theoretical, and field-based interests in the study of religions. Pye understands the study of religions to be an international enterprise with roots in both European and East Asian culture.

  • Lone Star Muslims

    Lone Star Muslims
    Ahmed Afzal

    Importantly, the volume incorporates narratives of gay Muslim American men of Pakistani descent, countering the presumed heteronormativity evident in most of the social science scholarship on Muslim Americans and revealing deeply felt …

  • Effortless Action

    Effortless Action
    Edward Slingerland

    This book presents a systematic account of the role of the personal spiritual ideal of wu-wei–literally "no doing," but better rendered as "effortless action"–in early Chinese thought.

  • Shinto Norito

    Shinto Norito
    Ann Llewellyn Evans

    Shinto Norito: A Book of Prayers is the first book to present not only an English translation of ancient Shinto prayers, but also the romanized Japanese pronunciation.

  • Yoga Spandakarika

    Yoga Spandakarika
    Daniel Odier

    Translation and commentary of one of the most important texts of the Kashmirian Shivaism tradition of Tantra • Author was a student of the late Kalu Rinpoche • Explores the transmission of Mahamudra, the Great Cosmic Gesture • …

  • The Origin of Modern Shinto in Japan

    The Origin of Modern Shinto in Japan
    Yijiang Zhong

    Yijiang Zhong analyses the formation of Shinto as a complex and diverse religious tradition in early modern and Meiji Japan, 1600-1868.

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