Books in category Religion – Eckankar

  • Gnostic Writings on the Soul

    Gnostic Writings on the Soul

    Explores two ancient Gnostic texts that hold important clues to the development of the soul as a concept and reveals inspiring ways the soul can remember and return to its unique, divine purpose. Original.

  • Launch Starting a New Church from Scratch Large Print 16pt

    Launch: Starting a New Church from Scratch (Large Print 16pt)
    Nelson Searcy

    Let authors Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas, both pastors at The Journey Church of the City, offer you specific strategies for beginning a church from scratch.

  • Soul and Man

    Soul and Man
    Kit Cain

    Ever since I started learning to play the guitar fifty-some years ago, writing my own songs and putting words to rhythm and rhyme became a sort of hobby that I used to fill my spare time.

  • Islam Una mirada profunda

    Islam – Una mirada profunda
    Ahmad M. Hemaya

    Islam: un vistazo profundo es un libro informativo que presenta una mirada más profunda al Islam, con esquemas, análisis, formas y colores modernas.

  • The Millennial Hope

    The Millennial Hope
    Shirley Jackson Case

    A book on Christian and Judaic church history.

  • The Theology of Congregationalism

    The Theology of Congregationalism
    Hugo R. Pruter

    A book expounding the belief system of Congregationalism.

  • The Leadership Ellipse Shaping How We Lead by Who We Are Large Print 16pt

    The Leadership Ellipse: Shaping How We Lead by Who We Are (Large Print 16pt)
    Robert A. Fryling

    If you find yourself longing to lead in a way that is truly Christian, this book can be your guide. And if you are simply exhausted, then this book can offer you a new way to find refreshment. There is life beyond the bull's-eye.

  • Wyclif

    John Wyclif, Stephen E. Lahey

    A complete translation of Trialogus, John Wyclif's three-way dialogue which familiarized priests and layfolk with complex issues underlying Christian doctrine.

  • The Church and the Library

    The Church and the Library
    Dean Papademetriou, Andrew J. Sopko