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  • La riscoperta dell identità religiosa

    La riscoperta dell’identità religiosa
    Korner Felix

    L'incontro fra le religioni ha bisogno di una base, un fondamento teologico, ma anche di una riflessione filosofica, un'analisi storica così come di un'espressione ufficiale delle comunità religiose a voler sinceramente incontrare gli …

  • Doctrine Dynamic and Difference

    Doctrine, Dynamic and Difference
    Pieter de Witte

    An analysis of the Lutheran/Roman-Catholic Joint Declaration on Justification with a special focus on the method of Differentiated Consensus.

  • Challenges in Jewish Christian Relations

    Challenges in Jewish-Christian Relations
    James Keltie Aitken, Dr. Edward Kessler

    Jewish-Christian relations is a complex enterprise that cannot be reduced to simple theological or historical narratives; it must take into account politics, sociology, education, language, history, biblical studies, hermeneutics, and …

  • Sharing Shalom

    Sharing Shalom
    Philip A. Cunningham, Arthur F. Starr

    A six-session dialogue process for Jews and Christians to understand better one another's traditions.

  • South African Perspectives on Notions and Forms of Ecumenicity

    South African Perspectives on Notions and Forms of Ecumenicity
    Ernst M. Conradie

    South African Perspectives on Notions and Forms of Ecumenicity is the second in a series of publications on the interface between ecumenical theology and social transformation in the (South) African context.

  • Bede Griffiths

    Bede Griffiths
    Judson B. Trapnell

    Explores the work of spiritual leader and writer Bede Griffiths, who envisioned a union of Eastern and Western spirituality.

  • Harvesting the Fruits

    Harvesting the Fruits
    Walter Kasper

    Cardinal Kasper summarises the results of his intense dialogues with Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran, Reformed and Methodist Churches and sets out a blue print for 'consensus and convergence' and sets out a map for the way forward.

  • Ecumenical Ecclesiology

    Ecumenical Ecclesiology
    Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen, Linda Hogan

    A rich collection of fifteen articles by European, North American and Asian theologians, concerned with the concept, life, unity and future of the church.

  • Pentecostalism Globalisation and Islam in Northern Cameroon

    Pentecostalism, Globalisation, and Islam in Northern Cameroon
    Tomas Sundnes Drønen

    The global aspects of the new Pentecostal churches in northern Cameroon are in this volume discussed through descriptions of the movement's relationship with mainline churches, traditional religion, and Islam.

  • Encounters of the Children of Abraham from Ancient to Modern Times

    Encounters of the Children of Abraham from Ancient to Modern Times
    Antii Laato, Pekka Lindqvist

    The 16 contributions to this volume, written by scholars from various fields of religious studies, lead the reader to comprehend the plurality of interreligious encounters, hostile yet also peaceful, between the Children of Abraham, i.e.

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