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  • Ă sthetisches Lernen im Religionsunterricht

    Ă„sthetisches Lernen im Religionsunterricht
    Michael Kollenberg

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich Theologie – Religion als Schulfach, Note: 1,3, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität MĂĽnster (FB 02 Katholische Theologie), Veranstaltung: "Bibel in Szene setzen", Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: …

  • Applied Psychology for Servant Religion

    Applied Psychology for Servant Religion
    E. Rae Harcum

    This book is the third in a trilogy of books on introductory psychology.

  • A Magic Still Dwells

    A Magic Still Dwells
    Kimberley Christine Patton, Benjamin C. Ray

    This book does just that, filling a yawning gap in the literature of the field." —Ralph Slotten, Professor Emeritus of the History of Religions, Dickinson College

  • Character Formation in Online Education

    Character Formation in Online Education
    Joanne J. Jung

    Handy and practical, this user-friendly book provides guidance, helpful tools, and effective suggestions for growing learning communities in online courses that are marked by character growth in students—the kind of growth that is central …

  • Social Scientific Studies of Religion in China

    Social Scientific Studies of Religion in China
    Fenggang Yang, Graeme Lang

    This book provides a sampling of recent field studies of religions in China, along with theoretical reflections by sociologists, anthropologists and religious studies scholars, both inside and outside China, on the revival of the social …

  • Die Botschaft der Engel zwischen Zeit und Ewigkeit

    Die Botschaft der Engel zwischen Zeit und Ewigkeit
    Renata Paluch-Kompalla, Stefanie Hauptmann

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2013 im Fachbereich Theologie – Didaktik, Religionspädagogik, Note: 2, , Veranstaltung: Religionspädagogik, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die vorliegende Hausarbeit befasst sich mit der Botschaft der Engel …

  • Indigenous Culture Education and Globalization

    Indigenous Culture, Education and Globalization
    Jun Xing, Pak-sheung Ng

    The book explores the growing tension between indigenous education, the teaching and learning of native knowledge, cultural heritage and traditions and the dynamics of globalization from the Asian perspective.

  • Myth and Religion in Mircea Eliade

    Myth and Religion in Mircea Eliade
    Douglas Allen

    A valuable resource for scholars in religious studies, philosophy, anthropology, and history, this book enables readers not only to understand "archaic" and "traditional" religious phenomena, but also to make sense of repressed and …

  • The Path of Self Transformation

    The Path of Self-Transformation
    Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    The Path of Self-Transformation lifts the veil and reveals the true understanding of biblical allegory, including the mystical meaning of the Fall of Adam and Eve.

  • Il rischio educativo

    Il rischio educativo
    Luigi Giussani

    Opera fondamentale e tra le piĂą originali della produzione di Luigi Giussani, Il rischio educativo esprime la preoccupazione che è al centro dell’intera sua proposta – come viene ricordato nell’introduzione: “Il tema principale, …

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