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  • Apocalypse as Utopian Expectation 800 1500

    Apocalypse as Utopian Expectation (800-1500)
    Derk Visser

    This study identifies Berengaudus of Ferrieres as a Carolingian whose Apocalypse commentary accentuated the utopianism of early Medieval exegetes.

  • The Kingdom

    The Kingdom
    James Harman

    The whole purpose of this book is to help Christians understand what seeking the Kingdom of God is all about and help them be among the chosen few who will "enter into" the Kingdom: "For many are called, but few are chosen." (Matthew 22:14) …

  • Visions of a Future

    Visions of a Future
    Zachary Hayes

    The early part of this book is concerned with what it is in human existence that is addressed by the message of hope in the Scriptures.

  • Where the Eagles are Gathered

    Where the Eagles are Gathered
    Steven Bridge

    Although many scholars consider Luke 17:22-37 to be "the most important eschatological passage in Luke-Acts," few agree on the precise meaning of the enigmatic proverb which forms its conclusion (Luke 17:37).

  • Carta a jesús un grito hacia el cielo

    Carta a jesús – un grito hacia el cielo
    Beppe Amico

    El trabajo se estructura con el esquema de la carta, en la que el emisor, lo que podría ser cada hombre de la tierra, confìa como a un amigo, sus temores y preocupaciones màs profundas por un mundo en el que no se reconoce en absoluto y …

  • Crisis and Catharsis

    Crisis and Catharsis
    Adela Yarbro Collins

    In a clear and vivid manner, Adela Yarbro Collins discusses the authorship of the book of Revelation, when it was written, the situation it addressed, the social themes it considered, and the psychological meaning behind apocalyptic …

  • Los Cuatro Evangelios Profeticos

    Los Cuatro Evangelios Profeticos.
    Alejandro Roque Glez

    En la presente obra te ofrecemos los capítulos dedicados a los Cuatro Evangelios: Mateo, Marcos, Lucas y Juan en el Nuevo Testamento y las profecías bíblicas encerradas en ellos.

  • The Revived Roman Empire

    The Revived Roman Empire
    Erika Grey

    In Bible Prophecy the book of Daniel predicts a revived roman empire that will rule the world during the Tribulation and launch the Antichrist.

  • Creativity Spirituality and Mental Health

    Creativity, Spirituality, and Mental Health
    Kelley A. Raab

    This book emphasizes the integral connections between imagination, creativity, and spirituality and their role in healing.

  • What Dare We Hope

    What Dare We Hope?
    Gerhard Sauter

    First in the new TPI/Center of Theological Inquiry (Princeton) series entitled "Theology for the Twenty-first Century" (TTFC), this volume focuses on the foundations of Christian hope.

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