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  • The Lure

    The Lure
    William J. Vande Kopple

    They say that a fisherman never runs out of stories. Lucky for readers of this book, William J. Vande Kopple wants to do more than regale us with tales of the one that got away.

  • The Coming of Lilith

    The Coming of Lilith
    Judith Plaskow

    This first collection of Judith Plaskow's essays and short writings traces her scholarly and personal journey from her early days as a graduate student through her pioneering contributions to both feminist theology and Jewish feminism to …

  • Locating the Past Discovering the Present

    Locating the Past / Discovering the Present
    David Gay, Stephen R. Reimer

    Comparative, interdisciplinary examination of the production of religious ideas and images over time and place.

  • Religion and Legal Pluralism

    Religion and Legal Pluralism
    Russell Sandberg

    Religion and Legal Pluralism explores the extent to which religious laws are already recognised by the state and the extent to which religious legal systems, such as Sharia law, should be accommodated.

  • A Strange Freedom

    A Strange Freedom
    Howard Thurman

    This lyrical collection of select published and unpublished works traces his struggle with the particular manifestations of violence and hatred that mark the twentieth century.

  • Eternal Life with God

    Eternal Life with God
    R. Crafton Gibbs

    This is the first, of this author’s 7-Logos Work of ten-volumes, each volume of which is able to stand alone as God’s Book of Life, portraying Life with the Holy Spirit by belief in the Christ of Jesus as Savior to eternal life with God …

  • Narrative Reflections

    Narrative Reflections
    Lucy S. Raizman, Bea Hollander-Goldfein

    Inspired by the practice of narrative therapy, these essays bear witness to the experience of survivors and facilitate deeper levels of self-awareness by each of the contributors.

  • God s Cops

    God’s Cops
    James Estrada; Willie Newkirk Jr.

    OK, here is the problem: first, a 747 was designed, without designers and builders there would be no 747. Remember the analogy I gave of removing the distributor cap from a car and throwing it at the engine and then expecting it to run?

  • Religions as Brands

    Religions as Brands
    Jean-Claude Usunier, Jörg Stolz

    What is the consequence for society as a whole? This book brings together some of the best international specialists from marketing, sociology and economics in order to answer these and similar questions.

  • Modernity and Religion

    Modernity and Religion
    William Nicholls

    These are the kinds of concerns the interdisciplinary group of scholars addresses in this volume.

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