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  • Religion Diaspora and Cultural Identity

    Religion, Diaspora and Cultural Identity
    J.W. Pulis

    This text is a much-needed and long overdue addition to Caribbean studies and the exploration of ideas, beliefs, and religious practices of Caribbean folk in diaspora and at home.

  • Ute Land Religion in the American West 1879 2009

    Ute Land Religion in the American West, 1879–2009
    Brandi Denison

    Ute Land Religion in the American West, 1879–2009 is a narrative of American religion and how it intersected with land in the American West.

  • Higher Power

    Higher Power
    Douglas D. Himes

    An encouraging, thoughtful, scripture-based companion for individuals in any 12-step recovery program

  • Making African Christianity

    Making African Christianity
    Robert J. Houle

    Robert J. Houle examines the history of faith among colonial Zulu Christians (known as amaKholwa,) in what would become South Africa, arguing that Africans successfully naturalized Christianity.

  • Praising His Name In The Dance

    Praising His Name In The Dance
    Kenneth Anthony Lum

    The author provides a detailed portrait of the Spiritual Baptist Faith and Orisha Work, two religions that share a common basis in the traditional religion of the Yoruba in West Africa.

  • Woman s Mysteries Of A Primitive People The Ibibios of Southern Nigeria

    Woman’s Mysteries Of A Primitive People – The Ibibios of Southern Nigeria
    Amaury Talbot

    WOMAN'S MYSTERIES OF A PRIMITIVE PEOPLE is an ethnography of the Iboibo, a Nigerian tribe. Written by a pioneering English woman in the early 20th Century, this book focuses on the ritual life of women.

  • Building Bridges Doing Justice

    Building Bridges, Doing Justice
    Orlando O. Esp n

    These essays by leading Latino/a theologians, both Protestant and Catholic, represent an exciting new stage in the development of Latino/a theological identity, while also making an important contribution to the wider cause of ecumenical …

  • The Wiley Blackwell Companion to African Religions

    The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to African Religions
    Elias Kifon Bongmba

    These are followed by articles addressing religious experiences in indigenous, Christian, and Islamic traditions across the continent.

  • Dictionary of Witchcraft

    Dictionary of Witchcraft
    Collin de Plancy

    This historical dictionary was the first reference work to seriously document superstitions, manifestations, magic, and superstitions.

  • Fighting Slavery in the Caribbean

    Fighting Slavery in the Caribbean
    Luis Martinez-Fernandez

    This volume presents a social history of life in mid-19th-century Cuba as experienced by George Backhouse (and his wife, Grace), who served on the British Havana Mixed Commission for the Suppression of the Slave Trade.

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