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  • Book of Edward Christian Mythology

    Book of Edward Christian Mythology
    Edward G. Palmer

    Let Scripture educate your heart. Volume II of a four volume set that deals with Faith, Prophecy and Christology. Over 1367 Scriptures are cited and there are 238 illustrations/tables/lists in the entire four volume set.

  • Faith in the Fast Lane

    Faith in the Fast Lane
    Ken Owen

    Ken Owen, president of Racers For Christ, draws on his love of fast-paced action and years ministering to professional drivers and their crews to create devotions that reveal God's wisdom, grace, and provision through the…- joy of car …

  • Promise in My Pocket God s Word on the Go

    Promise in My Pocket, God’s Word on the Go
    A Hubbard

    This edition, Promises for Help in Times of Trouble, holds over 50 verses that will confirm God's commitment to help and deliver you from challenging circumstances.

  • God Save the Queen

    God Save the Queen
    Ian Bradley

    An exploration of the spiritual and religious heart of monarchy, from its sacred origins to its place in a multi-cultural and often unbelieving society.

  • God in the MIrror

    God in the MIrror
    Dr. J.J. Meier

    This book is rich with insights that lead to realizations that each of us is a reflection of the God Source; ever connected and never separated.

  • It s Great to Have Faith

    It’s Great to Have Faith!
    Stanley Wangenye

    Out of Africa with an Excellent Word to build your faith! Stanley brings you a splendid Word that will capture your imagination and build your faith up towards God!

  • Faith and Law

    Faith and Law
    Robert F. Cochran

    In particular, the book examines the impact of feminism on Jewish women and their culture, uncovering the counterinfluences of tradition and new freedoms on women's lives.

  • Against All Odds

    Against All Odds
    Brad Christerson, Korie L. Edwards, Michael O. O. Emerson

    Religious institutions continue to be among the most segregated organizations in modern America. This book looks at the problems faced by integrated churches & examines the development of integrated religious organizations.

  • A World of Faith

    A World of Faith
    Carolyn Pogue

    This is a comprehensive book — covering most of the world's main religions in a captivating and accessible way — that invites and inspires teens to look beyond their own faith and to explore the universality of spirituality that is rooted …

  • Credentials of Faith

    Credentials of Faith
    Kenneth Dobbin

    Everyone in America has a form of credential that takes them further in life, your credentials of faith are an investment in your future.

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