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  • Zionism and Religion

    Zionism and Religion
    S. Almog, Jehuda Reinharz, Anita Shapira

    The relationship between nationalism and religion has throughout history been a stormy one, often characterized by antagonisms and antipathy.

  • God on Earth

    God on Earth
    Douglas Banister

    If you’re curious about how God shows up on earth today, then you’re ready for honest dialogue about the real life of faith. It’s time to take a new look at God on Earth. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Ending Hunger Now

    Ending Hunger Now
    George Stanley McGovern, Bob Dole, Donald E. Messer

    This book brings together their disparate yet powerful voices behind a shared conviction: that helping the millions who lack basic provision for food has become a religious imperative and human priority.

  • Not Sure

    Not Sure
    John D. Suk

    In Not Sure Suk takes readers on an eyes-wide-open, deeply personal voyage through the past and present of Christian belief, reexamining Christian faith — in his own life and in fifteen centuries of Christian history — through a skeptic's …

  • Christian Faith

    Christian Faith
    Peter Crafts Hodgson

    Addresses three issues including the struggle for justice, cultural and religious pluralism, and ecological and cosmological awareness, arguing for the necessity of revising Christian faith in order to handle changing circumstances.

  • Living on the Devil s Doorstep

    Living on the Devil’s Doorstep
    Floyd McClung

    When thousands of young people checked out of Western society and sought enlightenment in the East, Floyd and Sally McClung set aside the comforts of American suburbia and answered God's call to reach out to them with the gospel.

  • Workers of Wonders

    Workers of Wonders
    Byron L. Sherwin

    This is a book that every member of the clergy and every religious leader should read, ponder and take to heart.

  • Becoming Fully Human

    Becoming Fully Human
    Sister Joan Chittister

    Drawing from the folklore and scripture of other cultures, as well as her own monastic tradition, Sister Joan Chittister develops a spirituality that understands what it means to be human and the importance of seeing others for what they …

  • Relationship Reality Keeping It Real

    Relationship Reality Keeping It Real
    Debra White

    These series of lessons are taken from the book of James, often identified as the wisdom book of the New Testament. This small book is packed with challenges to keep our faith real.

  • Talking God Philosophers on Belief

    Talking God: Philosophers on Belief
    Gary Gutting

    Along the way, Gary Gutting and his interviewees challenge many common assumptions about religious beliefs.

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