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  • Toward Engaged Anthropology

    Toward Engaged Anthropology
    Sam Beck, Carl A. Maida

    The chapters in this book suggest the roles anthropologists are able to play to bring us closer to a public anthropology characterized as engagement.

  • The Heavenly Writing

    The Heavenly Writing
    Francesca Rochberg

    This book will be of particular interest to those concerned with the early history of science.

  • Love Your Life

    Love Your Life
    Victoria Osteen

    In Love Your Life, Victoria shares from her personal life experiences and her journey of faith the lessons she's learned that have made her the woman she is today.

  • The Purpose driven Life

    The Purpose-driven Life
    Richard Warren

    The #1 international bestseller! This 40-day spiritual journey will help you understand why you are alive and God's amazing plan for you both now and for eternity. CBA Exclusive.

  • Contemporary Buddhist Ethics

    Contemporary Buddhist Ethics
    Damien Keown

    This innovative volume brings together the views of leading scholars on a range of controversial subjects including human rights, animal rights, ecology, abortion, euthanasia, and contemporary business practice.

  • A Hymn of Christ

    A Hymn of Christ
    Ralph P. Martin

    Ralph Martin's indispensable 1967 work on Philippians 2:5-11 is here reissued as A Hymn of Christ with a new preface that brings readers abreast of critical issues in the interpretation of this text

  • Upanisads

    Daniel de Palma

    Escritas en forma de breves diálogos y aforismos enigmáticos, los textos de las upanisads se dirigen al espíritu del hombre con el fin de iniciarlo en los fines últimos del conocimiento sagrado de la India.

  • On Earth as It Is in Advertising

    On Earth as It Is in Advertising?
    Sam Van Eman

    Reveals how advertising attempts to mimic the gospel message by wrongly defining human identity and promising to fulfill essential human needs.

  • A Theology Of Reading

    A Theology Of Reading
    Alan Jacobs

    If the whole of the Christian life is to be governed by the “law of love”—the twofold love of God and one’s neighbor—what might it mean to read lovingly? That is the question that drives this unique book.

  • River Jordan

    River Jordan
    Rachel Havrelock

    Ambitious and masterful in its scope, River Jordan brings a fresh, provocative perspective to the ongoing struggle in this violence-riddled region.

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