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  • English Spirituality

    English Spirituality
    Gordon Mursell

    These volumes present the astonishing richness and variety of responses made by English Christians to the call of the divine during the past two thousand years.

  • The Lord s Dominion

    The Lord’s Dominion
    Neil Semple

    The Lord's Dominion describes the development of mainstream Canadian Methodism, from its earliest days to its incorporation into the United Church of Canada in 1925.

  • Did Calvin Murder Servetus

    Did Calvin Murder Servetus?
    Stanford Rives

    "The purpose of this book is to examine the legality of the trial of a Spanish physician Michael Servetus.

  • 2000 Years and Beyond

    2000 Years and Beyond
    Paul Gifford

    Has the modern, secularized West now outgrown its originating faith matrix? Often controversial and sometimes visionary, these seven new essays ask: how do we tell – and rewrite – the story of the Common Era?

  • Nature Reborn

    Nature Reborn
    H. Paul Santmire

    This revisionist work-"to revise the classical Christian story in order to identify and to celebrate its ecological and cosmic promise"-mines Christian cosmology (the Great Chain of Being), Christology, Creation, and Eucharist, so that the …

  • Continuity Commitment and Survival

    Continuity, Commitment, and Survival
    Sol Encel, Leslie Stein

    Highlights the similarities and differences of Jewish communities in seven countries on five continents.

  • Our Churches and Chapels

    Our Churches and Chapels

    Visit us online at www.1stWorldLibrary.ORG – – The general satisfaction given by the following sketches when originally printed in the Preston Chronicle, combined with a desire, largely expressed, to see them republished, in book form, is …

  • Sociologie Et Religions

    Sociologie Et Religions
    Liliane Voyé, Jaak Billiet

    That is the question which this work, conceived on the occasion of the XXVth Conference of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion/Societe Internationale de Sociologie des Religions (SISR), attempts to clarify.

  • Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific

    Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific
    Gary D. Bouma, Rodney Ling, Douglas Pratt

    This book addresses this lack of information about one of the largest and most diverse regions of the world.

  • The Trial of the Templars

    The Trial of the Templars
    Malcolm Barber

    Barber's classic account endeavours to tackle the unresolved controversies surrounding the consequences of the trial.

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