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  • A Nation Under God

    A Nation Under God?
    R. Bruce Douglass, Joshua Mitchell

    This book displays a distinctive set of arguments on topics that range from the ethics of religious witness in public life to the future of civil religion in America.

  • Archaeology and the Old Testament

    Archaeology and the Old Testament
    James B. Pritchard

    Measured by the number of centuries which have been annexed to man's history in a relatively few years, progress has been truly phenomenal. This book deals with the recent advance and with those pioneers to the past who made it possible.

  • All Things Shining

    All Things Shining
    Hubert Dreyfus, Sean Dorrance Kelly

    Citing a divergence between Western-world perspectives on a meaningful life and the beliefs of other cultures and times, a guide for secular readers cites classic works of literature to illustrate how to achieve passionate, skillful …

  • Sociologie Et Religions

    Sociologie Et Religions
    Liliane Voyé, Jaak Billiet

    What is the religious? This question, which until recently was considered impertinent, informs this book throughout.

  • The Genesis of the BĂ abĂ i BahĂ aĂ i Faiths in ShĂ irĂ az and FĂ ars

    The Genesis of the Bâabâi-Bahâaâi Faiths in Shâirâaz and Fâars
    Mirza Habibu’llah Afnan

    This fascinating history a " the first of its kind on the development of a local BahAE3/4A- community in Iran a " is lucidly translated for the first time into English by Dr. Ahang Rabbani, is carefully annotated and supplemented with many …

  • Awesome Creations and Evolution

    Awesome Creations and Evolution
    Kamran Pirnahad

    Awesome Creations and Evolution is an evolutionary platform for a comprehensive philosophical and religious analysis designed to enable humans, to attain a higher level of existence.

  • A Nation of Behavers

    A Nation of Behavers
    Martin E. Marty

    . Its value is in breadth of vision and new interpretation."—Dean R. Hoge, Theology Today "As a means of making sense out of the potpourri of competing groups that compose religious America today, A Nation of Behavers is a first-rate tool …

  • Chronicles and Commentaries

    Chronicles and Commentaries
    Eliezer Segal

    Chronicles and Commentaries is the latest addition to the author’s distinguished series of collections that includes: Why Didn’t I Learn That in Hebrew School? (1999), Ask Now of the Days that Are Past (2005), A Meeting-Place for the …

  • Renaissance Essays Volume 1

    Renaissance Essays, Volume 1
    Paul Oskar Kristeller, Philip Paul Wiener, William J. Connell

    Fifteen classic essays illuminate a broad cross-section of the intellectual history of the Renaissance.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology

    The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology
    Russell Re Manning

    The Oxford Handbook of Natural Theology is the first collection to consider the full breadth of natural theology from both historical and contemporary perspectives and to bring together leading scholars to offer accessible high-level …

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