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  • The Lord s Dominion

    The Lord’s Dominion
    Neil Semple

    The Lord's Dominion describes the development of mainstream Canadian Methodism, from its earliest days to its incorporation into the United Church of Canada in 1925.

  • Reformation to Restoration

    Reformation to Restoration
    John Renwick

    Death by drowning or being burned at the stake.

  • Marked in Your Flesh

    Marked in Your Flesh
    Leonard B. Glick

    In this book, Leonard B. Glick offers a history of Jewish and Christian beliefs about circumcision from its ancient origins to the current controversy.

  • Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries

    Bronze Age Eleusis and the Origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries
    Michael B. Cosmopoulos

    This book provides a synthesis of the archaeology of Eleusis during the Bronze Age, reconstructing the origins and early development of the Eleusinian Mysteries.

  • Los cristianos y la ca√ da de Roma Serie Great Ideas 22

    Los cristianos y la caída de Roma (Serie Great Ideas 22)
    Edward Gibbon

    La descripci√≥n subversiva e iconoclasta que Gibbon realiz√≥ del ascenso del cristianismo suscit√≥ la m√°s encendida indignaci√≥n cuando vio la luz a finales del siglo XVIII y contin√ļa siendo una de las m√°s elocuentes e irrefutables …

  • The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus

    The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus
    Evagrius (Scholasticus), Michael Whitby

    The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in 428 until the death of Evagrius’ employer, Patriarch Gregory of Antioch Gregory in 592.

  • Continuity Commitment and Survival

    Continuity, Commitment, and Survival
    Sol Encel, Leslie Stein

    Highlights the similarities and differences of Jewish communities in seven countries on five continents.

  • Sociologie Et Religions

    Sociologie Et Religions
    Liliane Voyé, Jaak Billiet

    That is the question which this work, conceived on the occasion of the XXVth Conference of the International Society for the Sociology of Religion/Societe Internationale de Sociologie des Religions (SISR), attempts to clarify.

  • Catholics in the Movies

    Catholics in the Movies
    Colleen McDannell

    Tracing the story of American Catholic history through popular films, Catholics in the Movies should be a valuable resource for anyone interested in American Catholicism and religion and film.

  • Days Linked by Song

    Days Linked by Song
    Gerard O’Daly

    O'Daly looks at Prudentius' lyric poems, the Cathemerinon, Poems for the Day, and how they achieve a remarkable creative tension between the two worlds that determined Prudentius' culture: the beliefs and practices, sacred books, and …

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