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  • The Man Who Invented Christmas

    The Man Who Invented Christmas
    Les Standiford

    As uplifting as the tale of Scrooge itself, this is the story of how Charles Dickens revived the signal holiday of the Western world.

  • The Choosing

    The Choosing
    Andrea Myers

    In The Choosing, Myers fuses heartwarming anecdotes with rabbinic insights and generous dollops of humor to describe what it means to survive and flourish on your own terms.

  • From the Grave

    From the Grave
    A. W. Tozer

    . From the Grave, a 40-day Lent devotional, reflects on this critical spiritual dynamic. It features A. W. Tozer’s best insights on faith, repentance, suffering, and redemption.

  • 40 Days at the Foot of the Cross

    40 Days at the Foot of the Cross
    John Paul Thomas

  • Waiting on the Word

    Waiting on the Word
    Malcolm Guite

    For every day from Advent Sunday to Christmas Day and beyond, the bestselling poet Malcolm Guite chooses a favourite poem from across the Christian spiritual and English literary traditions and offers incisive seasonal reflections on it.

  • Hindu Valmiki Jati

    Hindu Valmiki Jati
    Vijay Sonkar Shastri

    वास्तव में वाल्मीकि समाज के राजवंशीय एवं गौरवशाली इतिहास को बलपूर्वक कमरे में बंद तो कर …

  • God Is in the Manger

    God Is in the Manger
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer

    Supplemented by an informative introduction, short excerpts from Bonhoeffer's letters, and passages from his Christmas sermons, these daily devotions are timeless and moving reminders of the true gift of Christmas.

  • The GCHQ Puzzle Book

    The GCHQ Puzzle Book

    In this book you will find: – Tips on how to get into the mindset of a codebreaker – Puzzles ranging in difficulty from easy to brain-bending – A competition section where we search for Britain's smartest puzzler Good luck!

  • A Stubborn Sweetness and Other Stories for the Christmas Season

    A Stubborn Sweetness and Other Stories for the Christmas Season
    Katherine Paterson

    This compilation includes stories of real-life people such as a shopping mall's night watchman, a lonely widower, a pregnant teenage runaway, a political prisoner in China, a grieving mother, and a privileged American, who have forgotten …

  • The Journey

    The Journey
    Adam Hamilton

    Travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem in a unique look at the birth of Christ.

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