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  • Awake Arise and Triumph

    Awake, Arise and Triumph
    David R. Wood

    It is a book about how they feel about the loves, family, friends, and pets in and out of their lives. I wrote this book by asking people if they wanted to be in the book, and whom or what did they want me to write about.

  • Angel Answers

    Angel Answers
    Andrew Ramer

    Advice from the author's own celestial companion presents the means to finding the answers to difficult questions, obtaining happiness, attracting love, understanding hardship, and becoming true to personal values. Original.

  • A Woman s Worth

    A Woman’s Worth
    Naomi Hafford – Smith

    This book will help you to make the necessary adjustments into living a fulfilled life, appreciating your worth and value as a woman. God created us in our original state as whole and complete.

  • Stepping Out

    Stepping Out
    Marykay Moore

    Are you ready to embark on a new path, find fresh vision for your life, and pursue your God-given dreams? If you find yourself nodding YES, then this book was handpicked just for you. This is not just any ordinary book- it is born of God.

  • A Choice to Forgive

    A Choice to Forgive
    Luiz Alberto Mortari

    Interesting visions of life are exposed, and although fictitious, they may be useful for us, here – to forgive, but moreover to exercise love to God, to our fellow men and to ourselves. Don’t miss reading this book.

  • Building Blocks to Great Faith

    Building Blocks to Great Faith
    John Gondeck

    God has a plan for you, to do you good and not harm.

  • O Caminho para a Consciência

    O Caminho para a Consciência
    Daniel Marques

    Estes pensamentos transmitem uma sabedoria em particular, um caminho com alusão às mais pertinentes áreas da vida, para favorecer a consciência do indivíduo e a obtenção da sua felicidade.

  • Conversations with Angels

    Conversations with Angels
    Slavica Bogdanov

    The purpose of this book is to help you be guided through life by the Higher Spirits.

  • Blue Print for a Successful Marriage

    Blue Print for a Successful Marriage
    Dr. Joshua Joy Dara, Sr.

    That is exactly what this book is all about. If you are looking for a practical, relevant and blunt book about marriage, this is it.

  • A Mother Is a Shepherd

    A Mother Is a Shepherd
    O’Neal Betty White, Betty White O’Neal

    She has been a Licensed Nurse for 38 years and is a noted speaker. Betty's heart's desire for this book is that it will touch a mother's heart and cause her to feel the responsibility motherhood brings with it.

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