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  • There s Gotta Be More to Life Than This

    There’s Gotta Be More to Life Than This
    Malcolm Gilbert

    Gilbert presents a true, graphic, and honest perspective of his life to show readers how to break out of their spiritual depression and discover the life-transforming gift of God's grace. (Christian)

  • God s Wisdom For Your Every Need

    God’s Wisdom For Your Every Need
    Jack Countryman

    This insightful book is filled with 61 relevant topics for today, including wisdom for when you are faced with a crisis, when you need confidence, when life is unfair in the work place…and much more.

  • Find Your Happy

    Find Your Happy
    Shannon Kaiser

    Through fresh perspective, inspiring stories, and useful exercises, this book guides readers to true happiness by removing physical, emotional and spiritual blocks.

  • Living Faith

    Living Faith
    Jimmy Carter

    " Rooted in scripture and infused with a vision of how a dynamic faith can enrich our public and private lives, this is the most personal book yet by one of our most admired Americans–a warmly inspirational volume to give and to share.

  • Epic

    John Eldredge

    Eldredge examines the power of story, the universal longing for a "plot" that makes sense deep inside us, our desire for a meaningful role to play, our love of books and movies, and how all of this points us to the gospel itself.

  • The Prisoner

    The Prisoner
    Paul F. Everett

    Everett explores the life of a man who killed his pregnant wife in 1947, revealing a sadly familiar saga of abuse and brutality stemming from his dysfunctional family and the harsh juvenile correctional institutions in which he was …

  • No Greater Love

    No Greater Love
    Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mother Teresa, Becky Benenate, Thomas Moore, Joseph Durepos

    A collection of inspirational writings and observations by the late Nobel Peace Prize winner includes reflections on love, prayer, giving, service, poverty, generosity, hope, forgiveness, and Jesus. Reprint.

  • Bride of Christ

    Bride of Christ
    Jodi Gay

    When you're not feeling favored or worthy, as if overcoming the challenge is impossible, this book will serve as a reminder, while every step may not be easy, to be grateful. We all have purpose.

  • Visions of a Future

    Visions of a Future
    Zachary Hayes

    The early part of this book is concerned with what it is in human existence that is addressed by the message of hope in the Scriptures.

  • Daily Wisdom

    Daily Wisdom
    Josh Bartok

    Open up Daily Wisdom and find page after page of illuminating words.

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