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  • Congregation

    James F. Hopewell

    In a unique, full-scale study of congregational life, Hopewell shows that it is narrative-the oral tradition-that knits a congregation together.

  • Pathway to Renewal

    Pathway to Renewal
    Daniel P. Smith, Mary K. Sellon

    This book will help leaders make sense of where their congregation could get stuck and guide them in thinking through what needs to be addressed next as a congregation seeks renewal.

  • The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church Volume 4

    The Reading and Preaching of the Scriptures in the Worship of the Christian Church, Volume 4
    Hughes Oliphant Old

    Covering the story of preaching from the Protestant Reformation to the end of the 17th century, the latest volume in this series covers not only what the Reformers preached but also the reform of preaching itself.

  • Why Churches Die

    Why Churches Die
    Mac Brunson, Ergun Caner

    They limit what the body can do and the effectiveness it can have. If not treated, these diseases can lead to death.Why Churches Die looks at the body's diseases and reflects on the corresponding spiritual ailment.

  • Faith in Action

    Faith in Action
    Richard L. Wood

    Creative and insightful, Faith in Action shows how community activism and religious organizations can help build a more just and democratic future for all Americans.

  • A Letter from Christ

    A Letter from Christ
    Kerry D. McRoberts

    The purpose of this book is to (1) redefine dualistic frames in the minds of contemporary Christians that separate the “saved” from the advent of God’s healing reign on Earth; (2) relate Christian compassion to a post-secular America; …

  • Confession Doorway to Forgiveness

    Confession: Doorway to Forgiveness
    Forest, Jim

    Offers a moving reappraisal of this neglected sacrament, drawing on scripture, the lives of the saints, and a wealth of personal stories, showing how the practice of confession draws us deeper into a loving relationship with God, the body …

  • Sisters in Crisis Revisited

    Sisters in Crisis, Revisited
    Ann Carey

    American Catholics honored these women of faith who founded and built these flourishing works of mercy.

  • Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite

    Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite
    Peter J. Elliott

    Indeholder nøjagtige angivelser for hvordan den katolske messe skal siges.

  • Christian Political Activism at the Crossroads

    Christian Political Activism at the Crossroads
    William R. Stevenson, Jr.

    This volume illumines the discussion being carried on between the religious right with its concern for moral responsibility in politics and the issue-oriented activists who are concerned with how Christians in America address human-rights …

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