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  • Islam and the Destiny of Man

    Islam and the Destiny of Man
    Gai Eaton

    Throughout this book the author is concerned not with the religion of Islam in isolation, but with the very nature of religious faith, its spiritual and intellectual foundations, and the light it casts upon the mysteries and paradoxes of …

  •                  غ

    إعجاز القرآن والبلاغة النَّبويَّة
    مصطفى صادق الرافعي

    وإنك لن تجد سيماهم إلا في أخلاقهم فتعرفهم بهذه الأخلاق فستنكرهم جميعًا، ولتعلمن عليهم كل سوء، ولترينهم حشو أجسامهم طينًا وحمأة، في …

  • Enjoy Your life

    Enjoy Your life
    Muhammad al-‘Areifi

    Inilah karya monumental Dr. Muhammad al-`Areifi dari dua puluhan karyanya yang rata-rata telah menembus angka 1 juta eksemplar lebih dalam tempo kurang dari satu tahun.

  • The Islamists are Coming

    The Islamists are Coming
    Robin Wright

    The Islamists Are Coming: Who They Really Are is the first book to survey the rise of Islamist groups in the wake of the Arab Spring.

  • Imperial Russia s Muslims

    Imperial Russia’s Muslims
    Mustafa Tuna

    Drawing from a wealth of Russian and Turkish sources, Mustafa Tuna surveys the transformation of Imperial Russia's oldest Muslim community: the Volga-Ural Muslims.

  • The Longest Journey

    The Longest Journey
    Eric Tagliacozzo

    A comprehensive history of the hajj from Southeast Asia from precolonial times to the present.

  • Modern Arabic Literature

    Modern Arabic Literature
    Prof. Paul Starkey

    This book provides a succinct introduction to modern Arabic literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

  • Sufi and Scholar on the Desert Edge

    Sufi and Scholar on the Desert Edge
    Knut S. Vikør

    Sufi and Scholar on the Desert Edge focuses on the intellectual tradition that formed al-Sanusi, and also presents his writings and an overview of the Sanusiya order in the mid-nineteenth century.

  • A Thematic Commentary on the Qur an Volume 2

    A Thematic Commentary on the Qurʼan, Volume 2
    Muḥammad Ghazali

    This study is focused on the Qur’anic text.

  • Women in Classical Islamic Law

    Women in Classical Islamic Law
    Susan Ann Spectorsky

    Drawing on legal and ad th texts from the formative and classical periods of Islamic legal history, this book offers an overview of the development of the questions prominent jurists asked and answered about women s issues.

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