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  • El Jainismo

    El Jainismo
    Agustín Pániker

    He aquí la primera monografía en castellano dedicada a una milenaria tradición religiosa poco conocida fuera de la India: el jainismo.

  • Framing the Jina

    Framing the Jina
    John Cort

    John Cort explores the narratives by which the Jains have explained the presence of icons of Jinas (their enlightened and liberated teachers) that are worshiped and venerated in the hundreds of thousands of Jain temples throughout India.

  • Heroic Wives Rituals Stories and the Virtues of Jain Wifehood

    Heroic Wives Rituals, Stories and the Virtues of Jain Wifehood
    M. Whitney Kelting

    Although in Hinduism it is mainly used to refer to widow immolation, the term 'sati' means 'true woman' – a female hero. Whitney Kelting has learned that in Jainism satis appear as subjects of devotional hymns.

  • Nectar 31

    Nectar #31
    Lex Hixon, Babaji Bob Kindler, Swami Brahmeshananda, Annapurna Sarada, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Father Bruno Barnhart, John Dobson, Swami Aseshananda

    It remains somewhat of a mystery, even after all the advantages of contemporary times have been lavishly bestowed upon present day humanity, that the ills of pervasive suffering still persist on the world scene.

  • Sankhesvara Stotram

    Sankhesvara Stotram
    Acharya Kalyanbodhi Suriji

    This text is based on the philosophy of Jainism.

  • The Jewish Law Annual

    The Jewish Law Annual
    Bernard S. Jackson

    Jewish thought is presented as of great relevance to both the history of medical ethics and contemporary medico-legal issues. The volume concludes with a chronicle of Jewish Law in the State of Israel and a survey of recent literature.

  • Acarya Pujyapada s Istopadesa  The Golden Discourse

    Acarya Pujyapada’s Istopadesa – The Golden Discourse
    Vijay K. Jain

    The householder too who ventures to study it stands to benefit much as the work establishes the futility of the worldly objects and pursuits, and strengthens right faith, the basis for all that is good and virtuous.

  • Dharma

    Veena R. Howard

    Experts in the fields of Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh studies here bring fresh insights to dharma in terms both of its distinctiveness and its commonality as these are expressed across, and between, the several religions of the …

  • The Jewish Wars

    The Jewish Wars

    "With a new introduction by the author"–T.p.

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    Как правильно подготовиться к исповеди

    Эта брошюра предназначается для помощи тем, кто собирается приступить к исповеди. В ней кратко рассказывается о том, когда …

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