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  • Jewish Scholarship and Culture in Nineteenth Century Germany

    Jewish Scholarship and Culture in Nineteenth-Century Germany
    Nils Roemer

    This newly re-theologized Jewish history, Roemer argues, helped German Jews fend off anti-Semitic attacks by strengthening their own sense of their culture and tradition.

  • Flora Tells a Story

    Flora Tells a Story
    Michael Kaler

    This book will be of interest to specialists in Nag Hammadi and gnostic studies and early Christian literature, but will also appeal to the general reader interested in Christianity, mysticism, and gnosticism.

  • By Words Alone

    By Words Alone
    Sidra DeKoven Ezrahi

    The result, as Ezrahi shows in By Words Alone, is a body of literature that transcends national and cultural boundaries and shares a spectrum of attitudes toward the concentration camps and the world beyond, toward the past and the future.

  • Marked in Your Flesh

    Marked in Your Flesh
    Leonard B. Glick

    In this book, Leonard B. Glick offers a history of Jewish and Christian beliefs about circumcision from its ancient origins to the current controversy.

  • Buried by the Times

    Buried by the Times
    Laurel Leff

    Looks at decisions made at The New York Times that resulted in the minimizing, misunderstanding, and dilution of the Holocaust in a behind-the-scenes study of how America's premier newspaper failed in its coverage of the fate of European …

  • Grandfather s Acres

    Grandfather’s Acres
    Isaac Metzker

    The lives and the way of life, portrayed in this novel are told with a deep admiration and love, which serves as a literary testimony to a reality that, 50 years later, went up in flames.

  • Lord Given Lovers

    Lord Given Lovers
    Christopher Hubble

    The Holy Union of David and Jonathan is a provocative biblical story of passion and political intrigue.

  • Attaining the Worlds Beyond

    Attaining the Worlds Beyond
    Michael Laitman, Benzion Giertz

    This is for the simple reason that human beings cannot comprehend how such feelings can exist at all, as everyone seemingly requires an incentive to perform any act; without some personal gain, people are not prepared to extend themselves.

  • Central Problems of Medieval Jewish Philosophy

    Central Problems of Medieval Jewish Philosophy
    Dov Shṿarts

    This book deals with central issues of medieval Jewish philosophy.

  • Doubting the Devout

    Doubting the Devout
    Nora L Rubel

    Unpacking the work of Allegra Goodman, Tova Mirvis, Pearl Abraham, Erich Segal, Anne Roiphe, and others, as well as television shows and films such as A Price Above Rubies, Nora L. Rubel investigates the choices non-haredi Jews have made as …

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