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  • Leaders Today

    Leaders Today
    PJ Edmund, Sr.,

    Each gift will manifest in its season” PJ EDMUND, Sr. in his well received book, Leaders Today Principles of Effective Leadership, reveals that every Christian leader has tremendous contributions to ministry.

  • Lead Like Jesus

    Lead Like Jesus
    Ken Blanchard, Phil Hodges

    The author of One Minute Manager, one of the world's most popular management methods, introduces principles for effective leadership that focus on Jesus as a role model, aligning four internal and external domains–the heart, the head, the …

  • 100 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Man of Significance Volume 2

    100 Nuggets of Wisdom for the Man of Significance, Volume 2
    Taiwo Odukoya

    Odukoya presides over a ministry that is committed to raising God-fearing leaders in every sphere of life.

  • The Dating Game

    The Dating Game
    Rick Bundschuh

    Even if they can't actually go anywhere, our students start 'going out' as soon as they discover a mutual affection for the opposite sex.

  • Community of Prayer

    Community of Prayer
    Bruce Barkhauer

    Community of Prayer, a daily devotional covering four weeks, will help your congregation think differently about stewardship and the power of their generosity.

  • White Fire

    White Fire
    Malka Drucker, Gay Block

    Gives voice and image to the women who are changing America's spiritual landscape, including pioneering minister Bishop Leontine Kelly, Yoruba priestess Luisa Teish, media star Iyanla Vanzant, best-selling author Marianne Williamson, ashram …

  • The Construction of Orthodoxy and Heresy

    The Construction of Orthodoxy and Heresy
    John B. Henderson

    Presents the first systematic and cross-cultural examination of ideas of orthodoxy and heresy in a group of major religious traditions.

  • Reimagining Leadership in Jewish Organizations

    Reimagining Leadership in Jewish Organizations
    Misha Galperin, Dr., Misha Galperin, Larry S. Moses

    Provides inspiring, action-oriented advice and examples that illustrate how you can help cultivate strong, effective and transformative leadership that will help your organization achieve its goals.

  • Transforming the Faiths of Our Fathers

    Transforming the Faiths of Our Fathers
    Ann Braude

    Presents the stories of sixteen prominent female religious leaders who actively fought to change society's views of women in religious realms, in a collection of narratives that includes profiles of Ms. co-founder Letty Cottin Pogrebin, …

  • The Crucifixion of Ministry

    The Crucifixion of Ministry
    Andrew Purves

    Only Jesus' ministry is redemptive. Jesus has to "show up." Theologian Andrew Purves explores at the deepest level the true and essential nature of Christian ministry. He says that the attempt to be an effective minister is a major problem.

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