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  • Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity

    Philosophical Faith and the Future of Humanity
    Helmut Wautischer, Alan M. Olson, Gregory J. Walters

    This collection of essays includes unpublished work by Jaspers himself as well as testimonies to his life and career by colleagues, associates, and translators, some of who knew Jaspers personally.

  • Dialectics for the New Century

    Dialectics for the New Century
    B. Ollman, T. Smith

    As a whole the book is an unusual 'Introduction to Dialectics', a systematic restatement of what it is and how to use it, a survey of most of the main debates in the field, and a good picture of the current state of the art of dialectics.

  • Philosophy Feminism and Faith

    Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith
    Ruth E. Groenhout, Marya Bower

    "The stories are powerful, sometimes heart-rending, sometimes lyrical, but always deeply personal.

  • Teilhard de Chardin

    Teilhard de Chardin
    David Grumett

    Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) has been regarded for too long as an esoteric thinker who evacuates theology by subjecting it to scientific theory.

  • The Puzzle of God

    The Puzzle of God
    Peter Vardy

    First Published in 2015. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

  • Forbidden Religion

    Forbidden Religion
    J. Douglas Kenyon

    This book serves as a compelling introduction to the true history of the heretical religious traditions that played as vital a role in society as the established faiths that continuously tried to suppress them.

  • Blackboard Drawings 1919 1924

    Blackboard Drawings 1919-1924
    Rudolf Steiner

    "Did Rudolf Steiner dream these things?

  • Night of the Confessor

    Night of the Confessor
    Tomas Halik

    Tomáš Halík is a wise guide for the post-Christian era, and never more so than in his latest work, a thought-provoking and powerful reflection on the relationship between faith, paradox, change, and resurrection.

  • Soto Zen in Medieval Japan

    Soto Zen in Medieval Japan
    William M. Bodiford

  • God and the State

    God and the State
    Michael Bakunin

    A founder of modern philosophical anarchism presents a clear introduction to anarchist thought and a manifesto of atheism. This influential work offers a mind-opening experience for even the most skeptical readers.

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