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  • Summa Contra Gentiles 2

    Summa Contra Gentiles, 2
    Thomas Aquinas

    Book Two of the Summa Contra Gentiles series examines God's freedom in creation, his power as creator of all things, and the nature of man, particularly the unity of soul and body within man.

  • Hope without Optimism

    Hope without Optimism
    Terry Eagleton

    In his latest book, Terry Eagleton, one of the most celebrated intellects of our time, considers the least regarded of the virtues.

  • The Religious Sense

    The Religious Sense
    Luigi Giussani, John Zucchi

    Part of the so-called new religious revival, The Religious Sense avoids any sentimental or irrational reduction of the religious experience. It is a forthright and refreshing call to reassess our lives.

  • This Sacred Earth

    This Sacred Earth
    Roger S. Gottlieb

    Surveys traditional religious perspectives on nature, and shows how contemporary theologians, spiritual teachers, and religious institutions are responding to humanity's devastation of the environment.

  • Wrestling the Light

    Wrestling the Light

    Loder gives expression to the depths and joys of the human struggle in these intensely personal prayers, complimented by six powerful stories.

  • Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition

    Dostoevsky and the Christian Tradition
    George Pattison, Diane Oenning Thompson

    This collection explores the interaction between Dostoevsky's Christian faith and his writing. The essays cover such topics as temptation, Dostoevsky's use of the gospels, icons and hagiography.

  • Darwin s Demise

    Darwin’s Demise
    Joe White, Nicholas Comninellis

    For young people confused about the contradictory messages they hear from church teachings and secular science, evolution can be intimidating.

  • The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner

    The Trinitarian Axiom of Karl Rahner
    Dennis W. Jowers

    The widely-accepted Grundaxiom of Karl Rahner's doctrine of the Trinity functions in contemporary theology as a means of reconciling seemingly contradictory claims.

  • A Matrix of Meanings

    A Matrix of Meanings
    Craig Detweiler, Barry Taylor

    A lighthearted analysis of modern pop culture considers what lessons can be learned from today's movies, music, television, and more, exploring how its popularity and successes reflects today's society. Original.

  • The Call and the Response

    The Call and the Response
    Jean-Louis Chr├ętien

    In the aptly titled The Call and the Response, renowned philosopher and theologian Jean-Louis Chr tien revisits a favorite theme: how human life is shaped by the experience of call and response, explored using art as a context.

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