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  • Cicero De Natura Deorum

    Cicero: De Natura Deorum
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, Andrew R. Dyck

    Edition, with Introduction and Commentary, of this key work of Epicurean theology and Roman philosophy.

  • Talmud s Theological Language Game The

    Talmud’s Theological Language-Game, The
    Eugene B. Borowitz

    In this pioneering effort, noted Jewish philosopher Eugene B. Borowitz opens up the rules by which the language-game of aggadic discourse is carried on in the Talmud, the foundational document of rabbinic and all later Judaism.

  • Intrigues

    Gabriel Riera

    The book's horizon is ethics in the Levinasian sense: the question of the other, which, on the hither side of language understood as a system of signs and of representation, must be welcomed by language and preserved in its alterity.

  • Human Freedom Christian Righteousness

    Human Freedom, Christian Righteousness
    Timothy J. Wengert

    This book argues the provocative thesis that Philip Melanchthon, so often pictured as hopelessly caught in the middle between Erasmus and Luther, and more "Erasmian" than Lutheran in his thought, was, at least in his theological methods and …

  • Nineteenth Century Religious Thought in the West

    Nineteenth-Century Religious Thought in the West:
    Ninian Smart, John Clayton

    A fresh appraisal of the most important religious thinkers of the nineteenth century.

  • The Idea of the Holy

    The Idea of the Holy
    R. Otto

    Fundamentally an inquiry into the non-rational factor in the idea of the divine and its relation to the rational.

  • Questioning God

    Questioning God
    John D. Caputo, Mark Dooley, Michael J. Scanlon

    Questioning God moves readers beyond the parameters of metaphysical reason and modernist rationality as it attempts to think the questions of God and forgiveness in a postmodernist context.

  • Night of the Confessor

    Night of the Confessor
    Tomas Halik

    Tomáš Halík is a wise guide for the post-Christian era, and never more so than in his latest work, a thought-provoking and powerful reflection on the relationship between faith, paradox, change, and resurrection.

  • John Paul II and Moral Theology

    John Paul II and Moral Theology
    Richard A. McCormick

    A survey of contemporary papal teaching on economics, gender, sexuality, and life issues.

  • Kierkegaard und Fichte

    Kierkegaard und Fichte
    Jürgen Stolzenberg, Smail Rapic

    This collection of essays analyzes a systematic question: To what extent does Kierkegaard fall back upon positions of Fichte in his dispute with Hegel?

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