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  • Bible Based Prayer Power

    Bible-Based Prayer Power
    Ken Anderson

    Bible-Based Prayer Power features a new technique for talking to God that's as old as the Bible.

  • Prayer

    Stanley James Grenz

    But why is petitionary prayer important? Grenz presents petitionary prayer as a crucial aspect of the coming of God's kingdom on Earth and challenges the contemporary church to recapture what it means to be a church that prays.

  • Contemplative Prayer

    Contemplative Prayer
    Thomas Merton

    In this classic text, Thomas Merton offers valuable guidance for prayer.

  • God and You

    God and You
    William A. Barry

    Prayer is first and foremost a personal relationship and that the most fruitful prayer is that builds upon and enhances relationship. It shows us how we can develop an intimate relationship with God.

  • Fueled by Faith

    Fueled by Faith
    Jennifer Kennedy Dean

    Featuring Scripture passages and practical exercises, this guide to the true meaning of faith teaches Christian believers how to take a daily walk with God and revel in His power, His truth, and His divine love. 17,500 first printing.

  • St Therese of Lisieux Spouse and Victim

    St. Therese of Lisieux Spouse and Victim
    Cliff Ermatinger

    This book by Cliff Ermatinger presents us with deep theological insights into the meaning of the seemingly simple life and journey of St. Thrse of Lisieux.This little book treats of a love story that began on January 4, 1873, the day of …

  • Contemplative Healing

    Contemplative Healing
    Francis Geddes

    In Contemplative Healing, author Francis Geddes describes healing prayer’s importance and recommends congregations renew this ancient Christian practice. Geddes presents an overview of Christian healing for the church and beyond.

  • La madonna delle rose Lâ ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo

    La madonna delle rose. L’ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno, dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo.
    Mariateresa Ranaldo

    A Gesualdo, in provincia di Avellino, per quasi cinquant’anni è apparsa la Santa Vergine.

  • The 7 Great Prayers

    The 7 Great Prayers
    Paul McManus

    Presents seven prayers designed to help people of any religion overcome challenges, develop a closer relationship with God, and achieve blessings in their lives.

  • Many Mansions

    Many Mansions
    John Woolley

    Many Mansions, is a sequel to the much-loved devotional books, I Am With You and My Burden is Light and offers the reader treasured words of divine inspiration as given to Fr. John Woolley.

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