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  • God and You

    God and You
    William A. Barry

    Prayer is first and foremost a personal relationship and that the most fruitful prayer is that builds upon and enhances relationship. It shows us how we can develop an intimate relationship with God.

  • An Everyday Book of Hours

    An Everyday Book of Hours
    William George Storey

    Intended for individuals and groups who want to taste the venerable tradition of using scripture to offer praise, thanksgiving and intercessions at dawn and sunset, this new book provides a four-week cycle of prayer.

  • La madonna delle rose Lâ ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo

    La madonna delle rose. L’ex insegnante Maria Vittoria Iorio ci racconta di come la Madonna le sia apparsa in sogno, dopo una brutta caduta al castello di Gesualdo.
    Mariateresa Ranaldo

    A Gesualdo, in provincia di Avellino, per quasi cinquant’anni è apparsa la Santa Vergine.

  • Wrestling the Light

    Wrestling the Light

    Loder gives expression to the depths and joys of the human struggle in these intensely personal prayers, complimented by six powerful stories.

  • The 7 Great Prayers

    The 7 Great Prayers
    Paul McManus

    Presents seven prayers designed to help people of any religion overcome challenges, develop a closer relationship with God, and achieve blessings in their lives.

  • Many Mansions

    Many Mansions
    John Woolley

    Many Mansions, is a sequel to the much-loved devotional books, I Am With You and My Burden is Light and offers the reader treasured words of divine inspiration as given to Fr. John Woolley.

  • Pensar por libre

    Pensar por libre
    Enrique Monasterio

    Escribir desde la fe significa hacerse un poco más abierto; reservar el apasionamiento y la gravedad para unas pocas y señaladas cuestiones y sonreír ante las demás.

  • Words to Live By

    Words to Live By
    Eknath Easwaran

    This warmly encouraging collection of daily readings offers immediate inspiration for readers seeking a more spiritually grounded lifestyle.

  • 10 Most Common Prayer Mistakes

    10 Most Common Prayer Mistakes…
    Gayle Smith Daniels

    Want to avoid common mistakes with God during your prayer time? This book is a must read for every believing Christian who make their requests known to God.

  • The Three Days

    The Three Days
    Gabe Huck

    This is the revised edition of the classic that has formed many individuals and parishes in a fundamental understanding of the Triduum.

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