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    نظم نوین روحانیت در ایران
    مهدی خلجی

    This book attempts to provide a historical explanation of the clergy's new order and its transformation from a traditional institution to a rationalized, modernized and bureaucratized organization under the political rule of the "Supreme …

  • WMD Nukes and Nuns

    WMD, Nukes and Nuns
    William Strabala

    Three nuns went to jail — and the whole world went to hell in a handbasket. This book is about the injustice of the U.S. federal courts that sent the nuns to jail for virtuous conduct, and the public that preferred not to hear about it.

  • Religion Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus

    Religion, Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus
    Alexander Agadjanian, Ansgar Jödicke, Evert van der Zweerde

    This book explores developments in the three major societies of the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – focusing especially on religion, historical traditions, national consciousness, and political culture, and on how …

  • God and Mrs Thatcher

    God and Mrs Thatcher
    Eliza Filby

    In an attempt to source the origins of Margaret Thatcher's 'conviction politics', Eliza Filby explores how Thatcher's worldview was shaped and guided by the lessons of piety, thrift and the Protestant work ethic learnt in Finkin Street …

  • Religion and Chinese Society Volume 1

    Religion and Chinese Society, Volume 1
    John Lagerwey

    These volumes contain a selection of twenty-one essays presented in a conference convened jointly by the Ecole francaise d'Extreme-Orient and the Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, …

  • Nahdlatul Ulama and the Struggle for Power Within Islam and Politics in Indonesia

    Nahdlatul Ulama and the Struggle for Power Within Islam and Politics in Indonesia
    Robin Bush

    This book explores the political and ideological motivations behind the formation of the Nahdlatul Ulama-affiliated political party, and Abdurrahman Wahid's rise to the Presidency of Indonesia after having led NU for 15 years away from …

  • The Founders on Religion

    The Founders on Religion
    James H. Hutson

    What did the founders of America think about religion? Until now, there has been no reliable and impartial compendium of the founders' own remarks on religious matters that clearly answers the question. This book fills that gap.

  • Was America Founded as a Christian Nation

    Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?
    John Fea

    Presents a historical overview of the relationship between the United States and Christianity and an analysis of the beliefs of such figures as Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington.

  • Ireland and the Vatican

    Ireland and the Vatican
    Dermot Keogh

    A comprehensive examination of the complex triangular relationship between the Irish government, the bishops and the Holy See from the origins of the Irish State in 1922 to the end of the de Valera government.

  • Topographies of Power in the Early Middle Ages

    Topographies of Power in the Early Middle Ages
    Frans Theuws, Mayke B. de Jong, Carine Van Rhijn

    Saint-Maurice d'Agaune – Gudme – Vistula – Francia – Maastricht – Aachen – Gaul – Cordoba.

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