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  • Politics of Fear Practices of Hope

    Politics of Fear, Practices of Hope
    Stefan Skrimshire

    Where visions of a better future are replaced by the acceptance of a fearful present – a state of ‘war with no end' – this is an important examination of the beliefs that underpin our capacity to hope.

  • Sp tantiker Staat und religi ser Konflikt

    Spätantiker Staat und religiöser Konflikt
    Johannes Hahn

    This volume analyses the role of the law, the imperial and local administrations, and the relationship between the institutions and the new regional and local communities which established themselves at the time.

  • Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Gilbert Keith Chesterton
    Maisie Ward, Andrew M. Greeley

    Originally published in 1942, just six years after Chesterton's untimely death, this book combines Ward's unique perspective as the author's friend and publisher with an examination of his personal correspondence and interviews with his …

  • Gloryland

    H. B. Cavalcanti

    Documents the transformation of Christian conservatism into a middle-class, suburban faith.

  • Why Tolerate Religion

    Why Tolerate Religion?
    Brian Leiter

    "–Christopher L. Eisgruber, Princeton University "This is a provocative and bracing essay, one that is bound to stimulate much discussion.

  • Evolution and Other Lies

    Evolution and Other Lies
    Bob Koons

    The combatants in all three arenas have seemingly ignored the other two arenas. This book examines the controversy, for the first time in one place, from all three perspectives.

  • Religion Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus

    Religion, Nation and Democracy in the South Caucasus
    Alexander Agadjanian, Ansgar Jödicke, Evert van der Zweerde

    This book explores developments in the three major societies of the South Caucasus – Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – focusing especially on religion, historical traditions, national consciousness, and political culture, and on how …

  • God and Mrs Thatcher

    God and Mrs Thatcher
    Eliza Filby

    In an attempt to source the origins of Margaret Thatcher's 'conviction politics', Eliza Filby explores how Thatcher's worldview was shaped and guided by the lessons of piety, thrift and the Protestant work ethic learnt in Finkin Street …

  • Approaching the End

    Approaching the End
    Stanley Hauerwas

    In this book Stanley Hauerwas explores the significance of eschatological reflection for helping the church negotiate the contemporary world.

  • Religion and Gender in the Developing World

    Religion and Gender in the Developing World
    Tamsin Bradley

    This book will be of interest to students, reseachers and policy makers involved in various fields, including those of Development Studies, Religion, Gender Studies and Social Anthropology.

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