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  • Why Tolerate Religion

    Why Tolerate Religion?
    Brian Leiter

    This provocative book addresses one of the most enduring puzzles in political philosophy and constitutional theory–why is religion singled out for preferential treatment in both law and public discourse?

  • A Fatal Addiction

    A Fatal Addiction
    Thomas Block

    Do God and war define the American spirit as much as apple pie and baseball? This unsettling book illustrates how bellicose, war-like language is used to explain the spiritual quest.

  • A Nation Under God

    A Nation Under God?
    R. Bruce Douglass, Joshua Mitchell

    This book displays a distinctive set of arguments on topics that range from the ethics of religious witness in public life to the future of civil religion in America.

  • Charitable Choice at Work

    Charitable Choice at Work
    Sheila Suess Kennedy

    But in neither year was data available to prove or disprove the effectiveness of such an approach. Charitable Choice at Work fills this gap with a comprehensive look at the evidence for and against faith-based initiatives.

  • America Christian Truth Or Myth

    America Christian…Truth Or Myth?
    Sonny Rios

    Who was America's god in her formative years; and should we take her back to the god of our fathers? This book will answer those questions in an eye-opening way that will cause both Christians and non-Christians to marvel.

  • Cronaca di Roma Volume quarto 1859 1861

    Cronaca di Roma. Volume quarto 1859-1861
    Domenico Maria Bruni, Nicola Roncalli

    Il metodo scelto da Roncalli nel redigere i suoi polizzini – riportare non solo i fatti, ma in primo luogo i temi all'ordine del giorno nelle conversazioni dei romani – permette di avvicinarsi alla comprensione di quella che fu la reale …

  • God Save the Queen

    God Save the Queen
    Ian Bradley

    An exploration of the spiritual and religious heart of monarchy, from its sacred origins to its place in a multi-cultural and often unbelieving society.

  • Capitalism and Christianity

    Capitalism and Christianity
    Richard C. Bayer

    Capitalism and Christianity integrates moral arguments with economic analysis to challenge prevailing thought in contemporary Christian social ethics.

  • Activist Faith

    Activist Faith
    Carol Ann Drogus

    This beautifully written book is a major achievement that gives us analytical tools for studying how movements and activists survive in the doldrums and when a cycle of protest peaks and societies move on.&"&—Daniel H. Levine, University …

  • God and the Public Square

    God and the Public Square
    G. Elijah Dann

    In God and the Public Square, Elijah Dann discusses the central issues on the forefront of ethical debate among Christian conservatives in North America.

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