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  • Pure Monotheism In Islam Faith

    Pure Monotheism In Islam Faith
    Muham Sakura Dragon

    The religion of Islam is based on one core belief, that there is no god worthy of worship but Allah.

  • Advanced Methodologies

    Advanced Methodologies
    William Grassie

    During much of twentieth century, social scientists were predicting that religious would gradually diminish and disappear with the spread of science, education movements in many parts of the world, a source of both hope and concern in the …

  • Creation

    Willem B. Drees

    Where do we come from? Where are we going? These are fundamental questions, which the human race has asked itself for centuries.

  • Ein schĂ dlicher Einfluss

    Ein schädlicher Einfluss
    Kate Bornstein

    Kate Bornstein, Performance-KĂĽnstlerin und Theaterautorin, verfasste bereits einige preisgekrönte BĂĽcher, darunter ›Gender Outlaw, On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us‹, ›My Gender Workbook‹ und ›Hello, Cruel World: 101 …

  • The Spiritual Laws of Abundance

    The Spiritual Laws of Abundance
    Robin Sacredfire

    In essence, this book presents an opportunity to shift self-destructive mental patterns and change towards a direction that allows you to obtain what you want from life, while obeying social moral and personal ethics, and also while being …

  • Pixie s Song

    Pixie’s Song
    Hazel Cooper

    The story, however, is not without joyous moments, and a lightness of touch is kept throughout giving the worse moments a glimpse of hope.

  • Scientology from Islamic Perspective

    Scientology from Islamic Perspective
    Muhammad Vandestra

    Prime among these are, that man is an immortal spiritual being, his experience extends well beyond a single lifetime and his capabilities are unlimited, even if not presently realised.” In this statement we can see that scientologists …

  • Rediscovering Genesis

    Rediscovering Genesis
    Gerald Ostroot

    This is also a necessary step in resolving the evolution/science controversy. Throughout the book, the overriding theme is authority and its important function in our lives. It is the common ground where both science and religion can merge.