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  • The Gutnick Edition Chumash Book of Exodus

    The Gutnick Edition Chumash – Book of Exodus

    It is the first Chumash to include a commentary anthologized from the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

  • Bible Characters

    Bible Characters

    The outlines for this series have been chosen from some of the most respected preachers in history, such Jabez Burns, R. G. Lee, F. E. Marsh, John Ritchie, Charles H. Spurgeon, John Weslyey, and Many others.

  • The Oxford Handbook of the British Sermon 1689 1901

    The Oxford Handbook of the British Sermon 1689-1901
    Keith A. Francis, William Gibson

    Drawing on the latest research by leading sermon scholars, this handbook accesses historical, theological, rhetorical, literary and linguistic studies to demonstrate the interdisciplinary strength of the field of sermon studies and to show …

  • Home by Another Way

    Home by Another Way
    Barbara Brown Taylor

    In these sermons, Barabra Brown Taylor walks us through the church year from the expectancy of Advent to the fires of Pentecost and beyond.

  • Misterio de Dios

    Misterio de Dios
    José María de Miguel

    El libro está escrito teniendo en cuenta la problemática de que cuando Dios se torna cuestionable, incierto… cuando se le excluye y rehuye, todo se tambalea, la vida personal, familiar, moral, social.

  • Parables for Preachers Volume 1

    Parables for Preachers, Volume 1
    Barbara E. Reid

    Yet Sunday after Sunday preachers are asked to open up the meaning of the parables to their congregations. Barbara Reid helps preachers offer fresh fare from these familiar stories.

  • The Roads Jesus Traveled

    The Roads Jesus Traveled
    Thomas A. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim explores seven roads Jesus traveled in this series of sermons for Lent, Palm Sunday, and Easter.

  • The Way to God

    The Way to God
    Dwight Lyman Moody

    We want to come to this: GOD SAYS IT-LET US BELIEVE IT.-from The Way to GodDwight Moody, the Billy Graham of the 19th century, preached to an entire nation, and its leaders-both Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant attended his revivals …

  • Preaching Mark in Two Voices

    Preaching Mark in Two Voices
    Brian K. Blount, Gary W. Charles

    Each chapter begins with an exegetical study and sermon by one author. Then, the other preacher responds from his own context, offering a different view of the text.

  • Theology is for Proclamation

    Theology is for Proclamation
    Gerhard O. Forde

    'This book drags systematic theology out of the study, sticks it into the pulpit, onto the altar, and under the waters of baptism so that it proclaims the gospel.

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