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  • How the World Began

    How the World Began
    Helmut Thielicke

    From the pen of the leading German theologian, this is a collection of wide-ranging and powerful sermons that take their themes from the Biblical story of Creation.

  • Strategies for Preaching Paul

    Strategies for Preaching Paul
    Frank J. Matera

    Despite their importance, Paul's teachings seldom are proclaimed from the pulpit. In "Strategies for Preaching Paul", Matera provides pastors with the comprehensive background needed to successfully preach the Pauline readings.

  • Water Won t Quench the Fire

    Water Won’t Quench the Fire
    William G. Carter

    This volume is an attic full of eccentric treasures ready for a rainy day's exploring… Enjoy their humor, their joyful interplay of the biblical and the contemporary, their delightful poetic cadences.

  • Home by Another Way

    Home by Another Way
    Barbara Brown Taylor

    In this selection of new sermons, Barbara Brown Taylor walks us through the church year, from the expectancy of Advent to the fires of Pentecost and beyond.

  • Parables for Preachers

    Parables for Preachers
    Barbara E. Reid

    She also offers an understanding of how parables communicate and invite preachers to try out the parabolic techniques of preaching. "Parables for Preachers" is for everyone interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of parables.

  • The Roads Jesus Traveled

    The Roads Jesus Traveled
    Thomas A. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim explores seven roads Jesus traveled in this series of sermons for Lent, Palm Sunday, and Easter.

  • The Way to God

    The Way to God
    Dwight Lyman Moody

    We want to come to this: GOD SAYS IT-LET US BELIEVE IT.-from The Way to GodDwight Moody, the Billy Graham of the 19th century, preached to an entire nation, and its leaders-both Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant attended his revivals …

  • Preaching Mark in Two Voices

    Preaching Mark in Two Voices
    Brian K. Blount, Gary W. Charles

    Each chapter begins with an exegetical study and sermon by one author. Then, the other preacher responds from his own context, offering a different view of the text.

  • Theology is for Proclamation

    Theology is for Proclamation
    Gerhard O. Forde

    'This book drags systematic theology out of the study, sticks it into the pulpit, onto the altar, and under the waters of baptism so that it proclaims the gospel.

  • We Make the Road by Walking

    We Make the Road by Walking
    Brian D. McLaren

    If your faith seems to be a lot of talk without much practice, I hope this book will help you translate your faith to action.

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